Master of Computer Engineering – Overview


Master of Computer Engineering – ME

The Master of Computer Engineering program is made up of 4 semesters, 3 on campus and 1 semester in a company in the form of an internship. It is accredited by the Commission des Titres d’Ingenieurs (CTI), and is both an Engineering Degree (Diplôme d’Ingénieur) and a Master’s degree.

The first semester is taught totally in English while the second and third semester are taught partially in English. Student should obtain at least a B1 level in French to be able to attend the specialization semesters. Students can always switch back to the MSc (Master of Science) programs after validating the first semester (Harmonization) in case their French language level is not sufficient.

To obtain their degree, students must acquire 120 ECTS (European Credits Transfer Systems) over 2 years and a B2 level in French.

This program has 1 cohort only–fall semester that starts in September.


Program Design

We are offering 11 specializations in the Master of Computer Engineering as per the below program structure:

Semester 1 (S1) Semester 2 (S2) Semester 3 (S3) Semester 4 (S4)
450 hours 450 hours 450 hours
Harmonization Semester Specialization Semester Specialization Semester Professional Training (Internship) Semester
100% in English Partially in English Partially in English
● Multimedia & Information Technology
● Systems, Network & Security
● Embedded &Realtime Systems
● Telecommunications & Networks
● Information System & Software Engineering
● Global IT Management
● Data Science & Artifical Intelligence
● Image Processing
● Health Technology
● Industry for Future
● Security & Safety of Embedded Intelligence
18 Months 6 Months
On Campus In Company

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