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4 graduate degrees to join the élite
of digital engineers


EPITA’s graduate programs consist of 12 months of classes and a 6-month internship at the end of the studies in a French or international company.

They are very well known for their practical orientation where students have the chance to apply their knowledge and skills to solve real challenging business problems.

Students who are interested in software engineering, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, data science and analysis, network and information security, informations systems management, multimedia, telecommunications and networks and global IT management have the opportunity to prepare for a brilliant career through EPITA’s Graduate programs.

Master of Science

Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence Systems

Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Strategy

Master of Engineering

Computer Engineering

Application procedure

EPITA has set up an admission procedure similar to all its international programs. You can apply for admission directly online by filling in an application form on the Internet portal of our Campus.

EPITA is waiting for you

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