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Research and Innovation at EPITA

Cybersecurity, exploration robotics, systems, artificial intelligence, image processing, automata theory, augmented reality… Discover the research and innovation projects carried out by EPITA’s research professors.

Kraken Project
Exploration Robotics Team

  • Subject: discovering the underwater world from the surface thanks to a catamaran-robot

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OpenBSD Project
Systems Team

  • Subject : Unleashing and enhancing innovation through an Open Source approach

Speaker ID Project
EPITA’s Artificial Intelligence Team

  • Subject: Speech and language recognition

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Neuromed Project
EPITA’s Image Processing Team

  • Subject : Adding medical knowledge to neural networks

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Application of the SPOT Project : Model checking
EPITA’s Automata and Verification Team

  • Subject: Automatically guarantee the safety of a system

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Decentralized architectures for security
EPITA’s Cybersecurity Team

  • Subject : System defense and security

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Météores Project
EPITA’s Image Processing Team

  • Subject : Automatic prediction of shooting star showers
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