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Decidedly open to the world, the EPITA Alumni Association animates its community network through technical, thematic and festive events. EPITA Alumni responds to the needs and expectations of its graduates by developing and maintaining its relationships with many different partners in the professional world (federations of engineering associations, recruitment firms, ESN, companies in the IT world and beyond…).

EPITA anciens

The EPITA Alumni community portal

The alumni association EPITA Alumni federates and supports the community of EPITA graduates that has been passionately and tenaciously involved in innovation and new digital technologies for over 30 years. The approach lies in promoting a closer relationship between companies, past and future graduates, and our changing societies by establishing a constructive, social and responsible dialogue between them.

This community is growing both in France, with alumni representatives in Lyon, Lille and Nantes, and abroad where we are present in Switzerland, India, USA, Canada and China.

The beginnings

Graduation Ceremony of EPITA at the Palais des Congrès de Paris in April 2024

It was with the graduation of the first class of EPITA, in 1989, that the graduates’ association was born.  Since then, each graduate class joins the EPITA Alumni and contributes to its development and improvement through the specificities and experiences of each of its members.

Founded in 1984, the EPITA engineering school has always wanted to be at the forefront of innovation. This is reflected in the choice of subjects taught to its students since its creation. The fields represented, at the cutting edge of technology, are put into practice in industrial and service environments.

From the very beginning, the core objectives of the EPITA Alumni have been as follows:

  • To ensure that the ties between the graduates remain strong.
  • To allow each graduating class to contribute to the evolution of the school’s objectives, supporting the school’s commitment to provide its students with the most up-to-date education, in line with industry standards as well as present and future markets.
  • To offer companies privileged means of communication with the graduates of the School of Computer Intelligence.
  • To maintain communication between current and future EPITA students and the professional markets.
  • To promote the co-opting of positions

Typical “EPITA” profiles

It is above all for the know-how, the experience and the reputation acquired thanks to the outstanding performance of the first 30 graduate classes of our community, that we are now rewarded by the recognition of the industry. Companies include in their job adverts the name of our school as a reference.

For several years now, the association has also been tracking down fake EPITA graduates. The price of success is that we have a number of individuals who misuse our name on their CVs and on professional social networks. We are taking action to correct this, when necessary, but we are also participating in the implementation of the directory of engineers and scientists in France, via the IESF federation. We also propose, for each graduate, the insertion of the EPITA diploma in the blockchain allowing, via a simple QR Code, to authenticate and formally certify the diploma on any physical or digital document: LABELLIS certificate.

What we do

EPITA Alumni has all the communication tools necessary to achieve its objectives:

  • The directory of former EPITA students.
  • Thematic conferences.
  • The monthly EPITA Alumni newsletter for graduates and companies.
  • An active participation in the school’s “conseil de perfectionnement” in which companies and industrials from the IT sector also participate
  • The association’s website which hosts, among other things, discussion forums and provides a link between all members of the community:
  • Events that aim to bring together alumni to expand their professional network around thematic dinners and fun events.


The Board is made up of 13 members with a renewable 3-year mandate, of which 3 members are elected (or re-elected) each year.

The board

  • Hélène DIEP (2004-SIGL)
  • Christophe BERGER (2007-CSI)
  • Raymond HADDAD (2021-SRS)
General Secretary
  • Emma PAYAN (2021-SCIA)

  • Yossra ANTARI (2021-SCIA)
  • Lisa CASTAIGNEDE (2020-SIGL)
  • Arnaud CROUZET (1997-TCOM)
  • Alain EL-KHOURY (2018-IGITM)
  • Baptiste FORTIN (2019-SRS)
  • Jean-Marc LE ROUX (2010-MTI)
  • Jérémy MARC (2008-SCIA)
  • Adèle RESTIF (2014-TCOM)
  • Romain SCHLOESING (2021-SCIA)
  • Victor TRAM (2014-TCOM)

If you wish to contribute to the EPITA Alumni Association, do not hesitate to contact us.

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