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By offering training in technologies that are most in demand by the market and ensuring that students are capable of evolving within a company, EPITA allows each graduate to rapidly access rewarding professional opportunities.

Breakdown in % of the class of 2021 by sector of activity

Depending on their aspirations and job opportunities, graduates will be able to choose between a career path of technical expertise or one in management.

The assurance of finding a job as soon as school finishes

More than 95% of EPITA graduates who look for their first job find it in less than 3 months (90% of which in less than 2 months, and 76% signed a contract before graduation)

Exciting jobs with excellent conditions

96% in permanent contracts

97% with executive status

90% are satisfied to very satisfied with their first job

Starting salaries that guarantee you an independent start to your career

Average gross annual salary, including bonuses, of € 44 200

International careers in all types of companies


  • 33% of 2021 graduates work in companies with 50 to 250 employees
  • 28 % of 2021 graduates work in companies with 5000+ employees
  • 23% of 2021 graduates work in companies with 250 to 4999 employees

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