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The Department of Corporate Relations has four main objectives: to help students build their professional projects, to help companies recruit, to maintain the relationship between graduates and the school and to encourage partnerships.

1. Help students build their professional projects

  • The construction of a professional project is at the center of our approach, it involves knowledge of the sectors and careers available (week dedicated to the elaboration of a personal project) 
  • The introduction of tools (CV, interviews, internship opportunities, etc.)
  • Validation, follow-up and evaluation of the training course internships 

2. Build relationships with companies to enhance their employer brand and student recruitment

  • Meet with companies and evaluate the adequacy of their proposals in relation to the students’ expectations
  • Build partnerships allowing companies to present to students during the technological weeks their areas of expertise
  • Initiate the intervention of companies in the educational process through course modules and monitor them
  • Publicize their offers and allow some to be present at the Internship/Job Forum

3. Keep an active and reciprocal link between EPITA and its alumni

  • Relay on social networks the successes of entrepreneurs from the school, the alumni testimonials and ensure the sharing of school life events with graduates
  • Solicit alumni to participate in school events (conferences, testimonials, courses, etc.)

4. In general, corporate relations are also the entry point for all types of collaboration between the school, laboratories, students and companies

  • Creation of partnerships and chairs
  • Initiating procedures for the Validation of Prior Experience (VAE)
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