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Computing is now everywhere in our lives, from computers to cars to televisions, and telephones and the need for robust and secure software is paramount. Furthermore, widespread deployment in the cloud and other virtual machines brings new challenges that require major system evolutions.

Areas of expertise

  • Systems and robustness
    Full-stack approach, understanding and making a system robust from the processor to the application.
  • Systems and security  
    Exploration of new system protections, from compilers to internal processor tools. Relevance and efficiency.
  • Systems and deployment
    Issues related to the rapid deployment of hundreds of virtual machines without compromising security.
  • Experimental and industrial approach
    Direct collaboration with actors of open source and industrial projects


Ongoing research, spotlight on the OpenBSD project

Enabling and enhancing innovation through open source projects

An Operating System (OS) is a set of software that allows the use of a computing device, for example a computer or a game console. The best known are iOS, Windows and Linux, but there is also a free OS called OpenBSD. Research professors from the Systems research team have been working for many years to improve the OpenBSD operating system and to experiment with new features. Currently, they are focusing their research on speeding up the installation of packages and improving the security of memory management on computing devices.

This project is a collaborative effort with researchers and professionals around the world, particularly in Canada where the OpenBSD project was first initiated.

High-tech collaborations

  • Intel, Nvidia, Apple, Linux, *BSD

Some major projects

  • Regular participation in the Google Summer of Code
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