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Fostering Academic Ties: EPITA’s Visit to Chang’an University

After the successful launch of the joint Bachelor’s program in Artificial Intelligence, the EPITA delegation, led by Deputy Director of EPITA Claire Lecocq and Stéphanie Chatelet, the Director of International Programs, embarked on an insightful journey to Chang’an University in Xi’an, China. The visit, which took place on January 8 and 9, marked a significant step forward in the ongoing partnership between the two esteemed institutions.

Fruitful Dialogue and Mutual Appreciation

Upon arrival, the EPITA delegation received a warm welcome from President of Chang’an University Sha Aimin and Deputy Secretary of Chang’an University Party Committee Lai Kaiyi at Chang’an University’s North Campus. The day kicked off with a comprehensive meeting where President Sha Aimin shared insights into the internationalization efforts of Chang’an University and highlighted the successes of the first enrollment in the joint program between the two institutions.

Claire Lecocq reciprocated by introducing the recent developments of EPITA and expressed the School’s commitment to the flourishing collaboration. The joint project was underscored as an embodiment of the profound and ever-evolving cooperation between EPITA and Chang’an University.

She highlighted that the delegation has acquired a deeper understanding of Chang’An University through this visit. This is important in envisioning a more profound and close cooperative relationship, laying the foundation for future endeavors.

Delving into Academic Progress at the School of Information Engineering

The second day of the visit focused on the School of Information Engineering at Chang’an University. During the visit to the School, Claire Lecocq and Stéphanie Chatelet have obtained a clearer perspective on the progress of the joint program.

Discussions with Dean of the School of Information Engineering An Yisheng, Vice Dean of the School Information Engineering Ming Yang, and representatives from the faculty centered around the tremendous potential and broad prospects for collaboration. Claire Lecocq expressed optimism about the cross-border cultivation of young talents, the development of “first-class disciplines,” and the collaboration in the field of scientific and technological innovation.

The agenda encompassed in-depth discussions on syllabus and curriculum arrangement for the joint Bachelor’s program. Topics included the recruitment of faculty members, venue and facility renovations, student summer camps, and internships. These discussions have clarified the direction of future development.

After the meetings with faculty members of Chang’an University, the EPITA delegation has met with the Chinese students enrolled in the program and collected valuable feedback from them.

Strengthening Bonds, Charting the Future

The visit served as an affirmation of the enduring commitment of EPITA and Chang’an University to forge meaningful academic partnerships. The exchange not only celebrated the accomplishments to date but illuminated the vast potential for future collaborations.

As the visit came to an end, both institutions expressed their unwavering dedication to deepening educational ties between China and France. The collaborative efforts in curriculum development, faculty enhancement, and joint projects pave the way for the continued development of higher education and the enduring friendship between the two countries.

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