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EPITA’s Visit to East China University of Science and Technology: Strengthening Global Ties in Education

In an effort to foster international collaboration and strengthen educational ties, a delegation from EPITA embarked on a visit to the East China University of Science and Technology in January 2024 in Shanghai, China. The visit, reciprocating ECUST’s journey to EPITA in France in September 2023, aimed to deepen discussions on potential avenues for academic cooperation.

A Warm Welcome from ECUST: Bridging Institutions Through Leadership

The ECUST Team, led by the Vice President Huifeng Wang and the Dean of the School of Information Science and Engineering Zhong Weimin, warmly welcomed the EPITA delegation, composed of Claire Lecocq, Deputy Director of EPITA, and Stéphanie Chatelet,  Director of International Programs.

Exploring Academic Heritage: Campus Tour and Insights

The visit commenced with a tour of ECUST’s school history museum and campus, providing EPITA with valuable insights into the university’s rich academic heritage. Following the tour, the two higher education institutions engaged in discussions to explore further collaboration opportunities.

Showcasing Academic Offerings: Overview of Programs

During these exchanges, key speakers highlighted both institutions’ exceptional programs implemented internationally. ECUST’s Vice President Huifeng Wang and Deputy Director of EPITA Claire Lecocq delivered insightful speeches, followed by Guangtuan Huang, Vice President of the International Outstanding Engineer College, who provided an overview of their current Sino-French cooperation.

ECUST’s School of Information Science and Engineering, presented their exchange programs, while the School of International Education, detailed the reception of international students who participated in ECUST exchange programs and the summer camp.

Stéphanie CHATELET, EPITA Director of International Programs introduced their International Programs at Bachelor and Master’s level, with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and several Master of Science programs in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Strategy. Their excellent teaching quality, learning-by-doing pedagogical approach, comprehensive student welcome and career services were highlighted during the presentation.

A Foundation for Future Collaborations: Strengthening Ties in Computer Science and Technology

The visit not only strengthened the academic ties between EPITA and ECUST but also laid the foundation for future collaborative initiatives in the field of computer science and technology. As the delegates bid farewell, the shared vision of creating a vibrant and interconnected global academic community resonated, paving the way for promising future endeavors.

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