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Exchange and study abroad programs allow students to deepen their scientific knowledge through a recognized international experience. Students can complete one or two semesters of studies and obtain ECTS credits transferable to their home university.

These three programs are offered to undergraduate and graduate students who are completing at least the first year of higher education in the area of ​​information and communication technologies (ICT).


EPITA has signed academic mobility cooperation agreements with 106 distinguished universities in 48 different countries. Currently, EPITA has 94 bilateral cooperation agreements for Erasmus and non-Erasmus exchanges. In addition, there are 16 mobility agreements for the Study Abroad program with recognized higher education institutions in mainly Anglo-Saxon countries.

Incoming students can combine scientific courses in the area of ​​informatics and management with French language and culture courses at EPITA. The academic plans can have between 15 and 30 ECTS credits depending on the requirements of their home university.

For EPITA students, international experience is a requirement to obtain the engineering diploma in France. As part of the study plan, EPITA students have the possibility of studying for a semester at one of the 86 universities with which EPITA has a cooperation agreement. These academic mobilities take place mainly during the fourth semester of the sophomore year. Junior and senior year students can also complete an international academic mobility. Outgoing students must validate 30 ECTS credits at the end of the academic mobility.


The exchange program allows students coming from universities with which EPITA has a bilateral cooperation agreement to study courses taught entirely in English at EPITA and enjoy an incredible cultural life in the French capital.

Outgoing exchange students get a free place for one semester of study at a partner university located mainly outside of Europe.


The Erasmus+ program allows students coming from universities with which EPITA has a bilateral Erasmus+ cooperation agreement to study courses taught entirely in English at EPITA and enjoy an incredible cultural life in the French capital.

Outgoing Erasmus students get a free place for a semester of study at an Erasmus partner university. In addition, students are eligible for a scholarship to finance the costs related to their travel and accommodation in the host country.

All Erasmus students are required to carry out mandatory administrative procedures for participating in an Erasmus+ exchange.

Study abroad

The Study Abroad program allows students from universities with which EPITA does not have a bilateral cooperation agreement to study one or two semesters of courses taught entirely in English at EPITA, enjoy an incredible cultural life in the French capital and broaden their vision in their field of study. As it is an additional program, the study abroad program requires payment of tuition based on the number of semesters to study at EPITA.

Incoming students must apply for a specific level or specialization and can only take courses from the same program due to schedule and calendar conflicts. They can select their academic level on the application form. After reviewing their academic records, the Admissions Committee will verify that prerequisites are fulfilled and send the enrollment letter corresponding to the admission level.

The semester fee is €3,900 (scholarship can be granted during the application process)

For outgoing students, Study Abroad programs are primarily conducted with partner universities located in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, the United States and the United Kingdom. This program requires the payment of an additional tuition depending on the host university.

Calendar for incoming students

Fall Semester Spring Semester
Starts on Ends on  Starts on  Ends on
Nomination process early April mid-May early September mid-October
Application & Registration process early May early June early October early November
Academic activities (courses & exams) early September mid-January early January mid-July
Transcripts of records (ToR) end of January end of February end of July end of August

Dates are subject to change.


Application procedure

You will have to submit the following documentation:

  • A digital picture (passport size)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover letter
  • Transcripts of records (in French or English) and degree certificates
  • English Test results (TOEIC, IELTS…) or online assessment1
  • Passport copies (main pages) or ID card for European students
  • Overseas health insurance (in French or English)2
  • Online payment of €60 for the application fee (only for free movers)3

(1) Except if your home university has a specific agreement and can provide a language attestation, or if your previous curriculum was entirely taught in English.

(2) For EU students, the European Health Insurance Card is sufficient.

(3) Exchange & Erasmus+ students will enter a fee waiver code provided by the home institution.

Application deadlines:

  • Fall Semester: June 1
  • Spring Semester: November 1

You can apply for one or two semesters, but as exchange students, you will first need the approval of your home coordinator.

Mobility documents:

Before arrival, you will have to fill in a Learning agreement to select the classes that you want to take during your semester(s) at EPITA. Each party will have to approve the selection and sign the document. After arrival, at the beginning of the program, it will be possible to add/drop some courses and modify the Learning agreement. After that period, no more changes will be accepted.

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