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Student organizations

Since its creation, the diversity and dynamism of student clubs, associations and societies has always been one of EPITA’s strong points: art, culture, sports, humanitarian associations, events, games, techniques, media, enterprises, …

An exceptionally rich and dynamic environment

With more than 40 associations, community life is a major source of personal development for each student of the EPITA engineering school of Computer Intelligence.

By fostering real human, organizational and supporting qualities, student community life represents a fundamental component of the school’s educational project.

As a result, EPITA students experience and acquire leadership skills, a sense of responsibility, creativity, respect for others, the ability to surpass oneself, networking skills, etc.

A creative student life, actively supported and encouraged

EPITA is supporting the development of clubs, associations and societies, with, among others, spaces dedicated to associations on the Paris Campus, a true professional exhibition center promoting the different organizations.

Because taking on responsibilities within an association is not an easy task, EPITA provides students with a set of tools and guides, training cycles for bureau member, a coaching team, etc.

Students are the real fabric of a school. Thus, the EPITA engineering school of Computer Intelligence gives free rein to the creativity and spontaneity of its students, and they use it! EPITA’s student life is punctuated by nearly 400 events organized each year by the different associations.

Something for everyone!


Epiworld welcomes international students from the EPITA engineering school in computer intelligence. It organizes activities to present French lifestyle and culture (visit of Paris, Cheese & Wine evening, viewing of French films…) and accompanies the students throughout their stay.


GConfs is an association that aims to facilitate or even initiate the organization of various conferences for students within the school by taking care of the administrative procedures, communication and promotion.


A place of creation, collaborative innovation and technological experimentation, where digital technology is rooted in reality. The Maker Space is a collaborative place for students where tools are made available for the design and manufacture of tomorrow’s services, promoting innovation and encouraging them to push the limits of their imagination.


Prologin organizes a national competition every year for students under 20 years old. Their ability to solve algorithmic problems is put to the test during three stages: selection (which may also take place in Switzerland and Belgium), the semi-finals or regional rounds, and the final.


Association for prevention, awareness-raising and action on environmental issues.


ANTRE is EPITA’s role-playing game association. It regularly organizes several types of activities: games with or without a theme, initiations, life-size events and monthly role-playing nights. The association also makes its premises and library available to its members for occasional games.

Back to basics

Back to basics is an EPITA association that sets up courses between SPE/SUP students. Students can find courses, MCQs and exams in a freely accessible drive.


Cristal is the Enterprise Association of the EPITA engineering school in computer intelligence. It is managed by the students of the school and it helps them build a network and finance their studies by carrying out IT projects for companies.


Cycom’s objective is to promote electronic sport (e-sport) in France and on Campus. This is done by organizing competitions of the various current key e-sports.


For over 30 years, EPTV has been bringing together video enthusiasts who capture the highlights of student life throughout the year. The association welcomes everyone and provides in-house training on video editing and equipment.


Tattoo and body art club.


Ephemere is the photography association of the campus. It welcomes students and accompanies them in the accomplishment of their passion.


Gastronomic Association.


EpiMac presents Apple technologies and offers training around the world of Mac (Mac OS X, …).


EpiSolidaire is an association that carries out solidarity and humanitarian actions within the campus: weekly patrols in Kremlin-Bicêtre and the 13th district of Paris, collection of clothes and products for the most disadvantaged, organization of humanitarian trips, …


Epichess is an association that gives students the opportunity to learn, play and progress at chess. Besides the tuition and the chess games, we organize competitions where prizes can sometimes be won.


Epiqueer is an LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi & Trans) association which proposes convivial, cultural and militant activities. Its role is also to prevent and combat LGBTphobia (lesbophobia, gayphobia, biphobia and transphobia).


Episport is the campus sports association. It offers many individual and group activities. By joining Episport, students can also receive an official license from the Fédération Française du Sport Universitaire (FFSU).


The Poker Association organizes tournaments throughout the year for all students.


Epitanime is an association for the promotion of Japanese culture in all its forms (karaoke, conventions, film screenings, drawing, musical video games, retro-jamming, VSG Pokémon, TCG cards, Go game…) among students and in Europe.


The association brings together motor sports and vehicles restoration enthusiasts to participate in various rallies.


Evolutek is a robotics association that prepares its members for the French and Belgian Robotics Cup organized by Planète Sciences. The association is divided into 3 major poles: electronics, mechanics and computing.

Gotta Go Hack

Association of Epitéens organizing Hackathons.


Icare is the manual arts club. Drawing, digital art, painting, design, modeling, textile arts, animation, writing… there’s something for everyone! Discord link :

La Paillote

La Paillote is the association for lovers of mixed flavors. Experts in the art of stimulating the taste buds, its members offer a wide range of cocktails, from the most classic to the most unique, specially invented for you. Consume in moderation, alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health.


LaCity is an association that explains economics and finance to its members through accessible conferences. It also supports IT-financial projects such as the development of a trading machine.

Lara Clette

Mountain culture association. Its aim is to beat the world record for the number of raclettes eaten in an evening! Discord link :


Lateb’s goal is to promote quality beers on campus. As such, it organizes events offering various activities around beer tastings in the form of buffets, films or concerts. Consume in moderation, alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health.

Le Béhourd

Medieval sports association taking part in the biggest Béhourd tournaments.

Omega One

The Ciné-Club EPITA and EPITECH are pleased to welcome you to celebrate cinema during a Cinema session on campus.

Soul Baby

The Baby is the foosball association.

Soul of Sound

Soul of Sound is a music association that provides a rehearsal space equipped with various instruments for student bands.


Association to combat and raise awareness of SSV.


Strataegyc is a strategy card games club. It aims at promoting the two games, Magic the Gathering and YuGiOh TCG, through evening events and tournaments.

Street Riders

Street Riders is an association of board sports. It proposes activities around the various board sports and aims to promote their activity and develop common projects: events, competitions, …

Sup’Bio Dance

Sup’Bio Dance is a dance association. It offers activities to all dance enthusiasts: choreography, flash mob, performances, challenges, …


Synergie wants to improve the image of digital professions among young people and help reducing stereotypes to encourage diversity in this field. Therefore, it organizes Synergy Days every year on the campus of the EPITA school of computer intelligence to present Computer Science jobs and topics to middle school students


The STACK promotes the practice of airsoft and related disciplines.


The purpose of Unisson is to promote electronic music. It participates throughout the year in the preparation of student events on campus. It is organized around 3 poles: MAO (computer assisted music), MIX/Live, Scratch.


Unplug is a music association that organizes sessions aimed at giving introductory courses in music. They also organize the talent competition “Students Got Talent”.

Villejuif Nights

Villejuif Nights is the organizer of relaxing evenings for students. During an all-nighter, students take over the school buildings to play cards, do karaoke, compete in video game tournaments, or even eat pancakes.

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