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EPITA, partner to “Les Cadettes de la Cyber” (Cyber Girls)!

EPITA, partner to “Les Cadettes de la Cyber” (Cyber Girls)!

For the 2022 Risk Summit, EPITA is making its partnership official with Les Cadettes de la Cyber, a program initiated by the Pôle d’Excellence Cyber (Cyber excellence center). This commitment will allow EPITA students to share their experience with industrialists and, above all, to inspire those who wish to have a future career in computer security!

Launched in 2021, Les Cadettes de la Cyber program aims to encourage young women to enter the cybersecurity/cyber defense field, through high-level mentoring, access to additional training and support for professional integration. EPITA excels in its approach to bringing women into this vital IT field, and has been long committed to promoting diversity in the digital world, notably through the Amazon Future Engineer scholarship, the Excellencia Trophy and even the GirlsCanCode!  initiative, with its Prologin association.

Arnaud Coustillière, President of the Pôle Excellence Cyber (Cyber Excellence Center) and Claire Lecocq, Assistant Managing Director and Director of EPITA Paris

Cybersecurity and sisterhood

By joining the network of Les Cadettes de la Cyber partners, the school will encourage its female students in the Cybersecurity (Digital Security) Bachelor’s program and SRS Major’s program in the Engineering Cycle to become involved in this movement.  This will allow them to benefit from major industrialist patrons and mentors and then they themselves can become mentors to young generations of girls ready to fight against cyber-attacks.

As a key player in IT training, we have always been very involved in encouraging women to join the world of digital technology in general, and cybersecurity in particular, as we are convinced that the low percentage of women in these professions is based solely on social bias. What is extremely interesting about Les Cadettes de la Cyber is the mentoring and coaching aspect, as it is essential that we focus on helping women regain their self-confidence! They must be able to see themselves in the future and realize that they are fully capable of succeeding in this sector. Cyber security affects every man… and every woman!

recalls Claire Lecocq, Assistant Managing Director and Director of EPITA Paris

An important mission that the first “made in EPITA” Cadettes de la Cyber will begin at the start of the next school year in September 2022.

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