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After a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering awarded in Bangalore, India and a transit at  Accenture, Mehul Jain decided for the International Master of EPITA.

 mehul jain.bmpMehul Jain, after obtaining a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering in Bangalore, has worked for over two years in India as a junior and senior program at Accenture. He finally decided to take further training by going to France to pursue the International Master at EPITA.

Why did you decide to do the International Master at EPITA?

I was eager to move up the corporate hierarchy.  I needed to get this additional training that gives me the guarantee of providing excellent technical and managerial level skills.  I also wanted to gain international experience outside India that could bring me the knowledge of methodologies used abroad.

On the recommendation of Campus France, I decided to pursue the International Master at EPITA – a school with an excellent reputation among companies and that gives the opportunity to do internships easily – an aspect I was looking for as well.

What have you gained during your stay at EPITA?

EPITA allowed me to deepen my knowledge of the algorithms, system architecture, fundamentals of programming and design methods. At the same time, I familiarized myself with finance, marketing and managerial concepts of management to work in an international environment with different cultures.

Your best memory?

My most vivid memory is that of snow in December. I had never seen snowfall before so I even requested to skip a class exceptionally during that day to enjoy the experience.

snow in paris.jpg 

And regarding your projects?

In terms of my projects, my specialization is Information Systems Management (ISM).  As a web developer, I develop websites on behalf of my company. Benefiting from the knowledge gained at EPITA I wish to implement new websites for Accenture in India.

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