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Coupe de France de Robotique 2020 : l’association Evolutek obtient la 5e place !

Thanks to the combination of signal processing and AI techniques, machines (drones, rolling or walking robots, underwater robots, etc.) tend to better perceive our environment to interact with it. Deep learning and machine learning allow computers, vehicles and other robots to become totally autonomous and ever more efficient. From there to imagine machines capable of self-repair, there is only one step that future engineers of the SCIA and GISTRE majors of EPITA will be potentially tempted to take.

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En vrai, exploration robotics deciphered by EPITA

Artificial intelligence, image processing, cyber defense, Internet Of Things, exploration robotics … Discover the digital world and the fields of computer science in a series presented by EPITA experts.


EPITA offers a variety of courses to train experts in robotics and drones, including a diploma in engineering and a Master of Science.

  • Engineering Master’s Degree  – Specialization Major “Real-Time and Embedded Systems Computer Engineering” (GISTRE)

Example of students’ projects and successes

2019 Final Year Projects

  • A mapping car capable of measuring the slopes and inclinations of sidewalks to help people with reduced mobility assess which paths to take.
  • “SolvZer”, a Rubik’s Cube solver using algorithms and physics.

2018 Final Year Project

  • “DomoPets” which uses home automation to remotely care for pets.
Research and Innovation

A research team “Exploration Robotics and Embedded Systems”, aka SEAL (Search, Explore, Analyse & Learn). Discover all their projects in their blog and video

EPITA recognized in the field of robotics


L’Étudiant reports on the testimonials of high school students at the school’s Escape Game, including this one from Alexandre: “I want to work in robotics, and the game simply confirmed my desire to study at EPITA”.


Futura Science unveils to the general public Ryujin, the smallest hybrid drone – pilotable or autonomous – capable of mapping the seabed, invented by the SEAL research team.


Studyrama portrays Loïca Avanthey, a research professor in the SEAL team, during a demonstration of the school’s research and innovation activities.

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