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Victor Crépin (EPITA class of 2024): from asphalt to computers

2nd year student at EPITA ParisVictor Crépin is as comfortable behind a screen as he is on the racetrack. Discover this future engineer, who manages to successfully balance school and mechanical sports!













The world of motorcycles is, above all, a family affair for Victor. “My father used to ride a lot, which is why I became interested in motorcycles at a very young age,” explains the EPITA student. “I started as a child.  Then, at the age of 12, my father suggested I try motocross, which I did for three years. My coach, Thibaut Nagorski (2018 French Promosport 600cc champion), then directed me to the racetrack, thinking that I could make quicker progress.” A wise idea, as after two years of training, he participated in his first French Championships in the 125 cm3 category. A year later, he moved up to the 400cc category and “started to get his first good results”, including a 2nd place out of 45 riders on the iconic Magny-Cours racetrack“That’s when I could start to show what I was worth and prove myself.“

For two years, he has been competing in the 600cc Promosport Championship, a springboard for motorcycle riders wishing to enter endurance events and world championships. But like many sportsmen, his career has been put on hold for over a year, due to the health crisis. What is his goal?  “Like any competitor, it is obviously to win the French champion title. I had given myself two years to achieve this goal, before Covid-19 hit. Today, it is complicated to set specific goals, due to the pandemic.  So, I continue to race in order to improve, train and hopefully be at my best when everything returns to normal.“

“I learned to be fully focused on my studies as well as on my racing”.

Combining computer engineering studies – a sector he has always been passionate about – with high-level sporting activities – is not easy. But Victor was able to convince the school that he was capable of succeeding, just like in high school: “It’s all about managing your time. You have to be organized in order to feel on top of both your studies and racing. Because the most important thing is to not think about my studies when I’m riding, nor about riding when I’m studying… I’ve learned to be 100% focused on each activity.  To do this, I keep a training schedule consistent with my goals without neglecting my studies.” Unlike many other sports, Victor must spend entire days on the track, especially when the good weather returns, while making sure he misses as few classes as possible. Especially since there are not many racetracks, and he must sometimes go abroad to train.

“Like all motor sports, motorcycle racing is a team sport. I am assisted by professionals (coach,  mechanic, technicians, dealership…) but also, and above all, by my family and my close friends, who support me at all times. One may think that it is the bike, which determines performance. But one’s physical and mental condition are also essential. Several times a week, I run and do a lot of weight training and muscle strengthening, to be able to handle the shock and intensity of the races.” Victor’s passion for motorcycle racing is not easy, as “it’s a very expensive sport,” especially for amateurs who are constantly looking for sponsors to further their careers. But that’s not a problem for this future engineer who knows that you can only succeed as a team and never misses an opportunity to thank those around him.



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Article originally published in IONIS Mag #52

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