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Cyber Campus: EPITA is increasingly committed to cyber security!

Cyber Campus: EPITA is increasingly committed to cyber security!

“Working together to build a trustworthy digital society”: the goal behind the new Cyber Campus is to unite public, private and academic players in a single location to promote cyber security in France. Scheduled to open its doors in the 25,000 m² Eria building in the La Défense business district by the start of the 2021 academic year, this innovative campus will welcome many experts in the field, starting with those from EPITA!

A great opportunity for the school’s students

As one of the first eight shareholders in this large-scale project (together with AtosBeijafloreCapgemini, CESINGatewatcherWavestone and Orange Cyberdefense), the IONIS Education Group is participating in this adventure, thanks to various operations undertaken by EPITA, an expert in the field of cyber security. The engineering school will soon welcome students, apprentices, researchers as well as its professional vocational training center, SECURESPHERE by EPITA, at the new site.

EPITA and SECURESPHERE by EPITA will be at the very heart of this high performance ecosystem, which will bring together numerous companies and research laboratories. This will be an ideal setting for students and apprentices who wish to major in cyber security , says Joël Courtois, Managing Director of EPITA: “As the first higher education institution to become a partner in the project with the IONIS Education Group, EPITA will offer courses for students majoring in Systems, Networks and Security (SRS), Telecommunications (TCOM) as well as apprentices on the Cyber Campus as of September 2021. The school will also launch a new Bachelor’s degree in Digital Security (Cyber security) on the Cyber Campus with a program drawn up in collaboration with a Development Council made up of industrialists, major groups and startups that are members of the Cyber Campus. This Bachelor’s degree is a 3-year program, with the last year spent as an apprentice or student.”

In the back, from left to right: Alain Bouillé, CEO of CESIN, Guillaume Poupard, general manager of ANSSI, Jacques de la Rivière, CEO and co-founder of Gatewatcher, François Destanque, general manager of Beijaflore, Maxime de Jabrun, global executive vice president at Cyber Risk & Security and Graphène Advisory at Beijaflore and Joël Courtois.

In the front, from left to right: Michel Van Den Berghe, general manager of Orange Cyberdefense, Pascal Imbert, president of the board at Wavestone, Hélène Chinal, operations manager at Capgemini in France and Pierre Barnabé, senior executive vice-president, head of the Global Big Data & Cybersecurity division of the Atos Group.

Big companies with big ambitions

All of EPITA’s units will benefit from this promising environment that focuses on work and communication. “New companies will open in the capital by the end of March 2021,” says Michel Van Den Berghe, CEO of Orange Cyberdefense and manager of this project launched at the initiative of the French government in July 2019, stating that big names such as Deloitte, Siemens, Sopra Steria, Airbus and even Thales have already “formalized their agreement.” Moreover, a second Cyber Campus is expected to open within the next two to three years, on the Satory plateau near Versailles, as proof of the highly ambitious public-private partnership, showing that France is a stronghold in the fight against cyber threats and attacks!

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