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In 2020, EPITA formalized 11 new international partnerships!

In 2020, EPITA formalized 11 new international partnerships!

EPITA not only provides its future engineers with technical skills, it also gives them a better understanding of the world around them, especially through the international dimension of its curriculum. A culture of openness which, in 2020, allowed the school to formalize 11 new partnerships with foreign universities, despite the pandemic!

A unique international experience

And to make this experience memorable, the school can count on an extensive network of partner universities around the world.

With 11 new agreements signed in 2020, there are now 93 universities (in 45 different countries on all continents) that will host tomorrow’s computer engineers for a few months (and sometimes even for a double degree). “Going to the other side of the world for several months is a unique experience that allows students to grow on both a personal and intellectual level,” says Nazima Canda, Director of International Relations at EPITA.

“Not only does this semester allow you to discover another culture, another country, or even another continent, it is also an opportunity to explore an Anglo-Saxon vision of science and technology. Finally, it is a chance to build an international network because students inevitably maintain ties with the people they meet there!”

Cameroon and Portugal are now on the list!

Two of these new partners are located in countries that were previously absent from the list of possible destinations for students: Cameroon with the Agenla Academy in Yaoundé and Portugal with the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do PortoEach new country offers an additional opportunity to discover another approach to teaching, project management and, quite simply, life,” notes Nazima. “Above all, it is a good way to acquire skills that are highly sought after by companies, such as adaptability and the capacity to easily work with multicultural teams. Moreover, students from partner universities can also come and spend a semester with us! “

Agenla Academy and Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto are part of the new partnerships formed in 2020, together with Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Spain), Unicorn University in Prague (Czech Republic), Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven and Venlo (The Netherlands), Murdoch University in Perth (Australia), University of Auckland (New Zealand), Davidson-Davie Community College in Thomasville and Mocksville (United States) and HongBang University in Ho Chih Minh-City (Vietnam). As of next year, they will all be able to welcome future EPITA engineers.

                                                                             Agenla Academy in Cameroon

                                                             Davidson-Davie Community College in the United States

Traveling is still possible despite Covid-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, not all destinations will be available for the 270 EPITA students who will be doing their academic exchange semester in 2021. However, they will still have a wide choice of destinations, mainly in Europe, but not only. “Our students will be able to go to Poland, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, South Korea, South Africa, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and even Japan.” says Nazima Canda. What a great experience to look forward to!

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