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In 2021, EPITA’s French-speaking Engineering Cycle will be available in different regions throughout France!

In 2021, EPITA’s French-speaking Engineering Cycle will be available in different regions throughout France!  

After launching its Preparatory Cycle in 2017 in the different regions, EPITA will develop its Engineering Cycle on the school’s various campuses at the start of the 2021 academic year! 

The school has just received authorization from the French Commission for Engineering degree accreditation (CTI) to offer this cycle in LyonRennesStrasbourg and Toulouse. This is very good news for many students as well as for the regional digital ecosystems!

The possibility of completing the entire EPITA program in Lyon and Toulouse…

In addition to the two-year Preparatory Cycle, the Lyon and Toulouse EPITA campuses will be able to offer their students the opportunity to finish their studies in their hometowns, by completing the three-year Engineering Cycle on their local campus.

… and spending three years in Rennes and Strasbourg.

In Rennes and Strasbourg, students will be able to complete the 1st year of the Engineering Cycle without leaving their home town, before choosing from the campuses in Paris, Lyon or Toulouse to finish their degree.

Lyon campus

Toulouse campus

One school, one program… and a choice of several campuses!

Although the EPITA curriculum remains unchanged, with the five-year program consisting of a two-year Preparatory Cycle and a three-year Engineering Cycle, this new opportunity allows students to study on the campus of their choice!

Students can choose to start studying in Paris, then spend time in Rennes, before finishing their degree in Toulouse. Another option would be to begin in Strasbourg, followed by Lyon and then completing the program in Paris. Thus, EPITA students have many possibilities to establish a personalized academic itinerary. As for the curriculum, it will remain the same and will always emphasize the innovative teaching methods highlighting the projects that have made EPITA’s reputation. However, certain majors for the 4th and 5th year students will only be offered on certain campuses, such as the Security & Safety of Embedded Intelligence major (SSIE) in Toulouse and the Industry 4.0 major in Lyon!

This is part of our plan to set up EPITA schools outside of Paris, which we started in 2017 with the creation of these four campuses. And it also meets the demands and needs of our students as well as the expectations of our partnering companies. Some EPITA students can also take advantage of this option to remain closer to home for longer periods of time, and as close as possible to their families and friends, both during the academic periods as well as during internships.  says Joël Courtois, Managing Director of EPITA.

Rennes Campus

Strasbourg Campus

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