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EM Normandie and EPITA launch an MSc® Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Strategy program

In March 2021, the EM Normandie Business School and EPITA School of Engineering and Computer Science, will offer a new MSc® Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Strategy program, accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) association. The two schools have pooled their resources and skills to develop a program offering students a global vision of Artificial Intelligence and its challenges applied to the marketing sector.

The MSc® Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Strategy program will enable students to acquire expertise in the field of Artificial Intelligence applied to marketing, allowing them to play a major role in a company’s decision-making process and performance. Students will be trained to solve complex problems using AI techniques and tools by developing solid mathematical and programming skills.

Academic and professional training

Led by Rabih Haddad, Director of International Programs at EPITA and Agnis Stibe, a professor in transformation at EM Normandie, the program will be given in English by full-time professors from both schools and professional external speakers.

In order to integrate students from all academic backgrounds, the MSc® will cover the basics of data science and marketing and allow for a progressive increase in skills during the first two semesters, which includes 480 hours of courses taught in Paris focused on the technical knowledge of data sciences – understanding algorithms, Deep Learning, Machine Learning; the fundamentals of marketing and digital marketing, modules on Soft Skill acquisition and management, as well as a Learning Trip to Dublin where EM Normandie has a campus, and students will have access to the tech giants.

Semester 3 consists of 240 hours of lectures combining academics with real-world exposure, a complete review of all Artificial Intelligence systems and their application in different areas of life.

The program ends with a 6-month internship in a company, where students will apply their acquired skills to an industrial or research project, from the analysis phase to the solution design.

In just a few years, marketing has undergone a revolution. Previously focused on product and service offerings, it is now concentrated on the consumer’s needs and expectations. Artificial Intelligence is able to process the considerable flow of information that is at the heart of personalization and thus optimizes a company’s performance.

Students must learn to master technological advances in order to change the way in which we conduct business, and hence create value. By partnering with EPITA on this program, EM Normandie is demonstrating its strong ambition to support change and the evolution of corporate practices. This MSc will enable students to excel in the field of Artificial Intelligence, as it is applied to marketing strategies,” explains Elian Pilvin, Managing Director of EM Normandie.

“Data has become the new El Dorado of business. The mastery of artificial intelligence, algorithms, and the use of supercomputers help to maximize the setting up and growth of a business. This program, therefore, aims to train hybrid experts who straddle IT engineering and marketing strategy, while being capable of using innovative and revolutionary artificial intelligence technologies,” explains Rabih Haddad, Director of International Programs at EPITA.

What jobs positions will be open to MSc® Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Strategy graduates?

This program opens doors to all marketing professions that are significantly impacted by the data analysis revolution: strategic marketing, CRM, strategic planner, customer intelligence and business intelligence manager as well as professions related to data analysis: data scientist, data visualization consultant, business data analyst, and credit analysis. Graduates will be able to work in any type of company, from start-ups to multinationals, and in any sector of activity.

Practical information

The program is open to candidates with a 3-year or 4-year Bachelor’s degree (or higher education qualifications) in any domain. Level of English required: TOEIC 800 or equivalent.

Classes will be held in Paris on the EM Normandie and EPITA campuses. The school year will begin at the end of February 2021.

The cost is €19,400, including a one-week Learning Trip to Dublin.

Admission is based on academic records and an interview. Online application is now open on the EPITA website until January 31, 2021.

About EM Normandie

Founded in 1871 as one of the first French business “grande écoles”, EM Normandie has established itself as a reference institution. It has received accreditation from EQUIS and AACSB. With over 5,000 students and professionals in its initial and continuing education programs and 20,000 members of the EM Normandie Alumni association around the world, the school has five campuses, based in Caen, Le Havre, Paris, Oxford and Dublin. EM Normandie trains tomorrow’s managers, future responsible leaders prepared to lead change in a multicultural environment and supports employees and company directors throughout their careers. | Twitter: @EMNormandie

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