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2020 Design4Green challenge: two EPITA teams win 1st and 3rd places!

2020 Design4Green challenge: two EPITA teams win 1st and 3rd places!

Become the leading Green developer in 48 hours non-stop”: this is the principle behind the international Design4Green challenge. From November 4 to 6, nearly 250 students and professionals divided into 56 teams from 5 countries participated in the 2020 edition, with a goal of placing Green IT in the spotlight! This year, the challenge was to “Search for the Index of Fragility for a Municipality (council) in relation to its Department and its Region”, which is set by the Institut du Numérique Responsable (INR).

This fast-paced marathon allowed two EPITA teams to stand out: The Cetelems team, led by five Apprentices from the Expert and Engineering Cycles, won the competition in the student category, while The Tree Party team, composed of five international students, ranked 3rd overall. Learn more about the event, thanks to the interview with Jad Traboulsi (EPITA class of 2022,  Master of Computer Engineering), representing The Tree Party, which also included Tom Arias (class of 2022, MSc Computer Science – Software Engineering), David-Raphael Bravo-Marcial (class of 2022, MSc Artificial Intelligence Systems), Christina Zoi Mavroeidi (class of 2022, MSc Artificial Intelligence Systems) and Samuel Keith Tan (class of 2021, MSc Computer Science – Software Engineering).

The Tree Party

How did you feel when you first learned that you had won 3rd place?

Jad: We were all very proud. This definitely made up for our hard work and long, sleepless nights! When we learned that we came in 3rd place, we were all really happy!

You’re Lebanese, and you teamed up with students from France, Venezuela, Greece and the Philippines. Was it difficult to work with such an international team?

Jad: Not difficult, but certainly more interesting! Our team has already had a lot of experience in database and web development. During the competition, we were able to share our knowledge, expertise and vision in order to help one another. Sharing this experience with friends made the competition even more fun!

Was this the first time you took part in the Design4Green challenge?

Jad: Not only was it my first time, but it was also my very first international contest.

A page from the site developed by The Tree Party

What did you think of the Green IT approach at the heart of this contest?

Jad: The idea of focusing more on the environment and reducing energy consumption is very interesting. Developing a project based on Green IT allowed us to discover new ways of working and approaching a subject, making us more aware of the impacts of particular methods used and how to optimize our code as much as possible. It’s very exciting!


Do you think that you will use this Design4Green experience in your future career?

Jad: To be honest, I would like to become a consultant in the field of IT management, in line with my EPITA major. I hope to find a job as team leader, to help people improve their skills in order to complete specific projects. That’s also why I offered to be the leader of our team at Design4Green, to test my own abilities to oversee a team project, manage time, ensure leadership, etc. Thanks to my role, I believe that this experience will help me in my future career!

Read the interview with Pierre-Marie Taillantou-Candau (EPITA class of 2021), member of the award-winning Cetelems team!

EPITA and Design4Green, a true success story!

The Cetelems and The Tree Party members are not the only EPITA students who have won awards at Design4Green. In 2017 and 2018, EPITA students stood out, thanks to their award-winning eco-design projects. Rediscover the “Compiler c’est 12” team, winner of the 2017 edition as well as the Greens Bees and La Uccella teams, who respectively came in second and third place in 2018!


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