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EPITA Ranked One – First Engineering School dedicated for Computer Science

EPITA Ranked One – First Engineering School dedicated for Computer Science

Each year, the different media establish their own rankings of the top French engineering schools, based on specific criteria to help best guide future students. L’Usine Nouvelle and L’Étudiant have recently released their rankings for 2020, highlighting the exceptional qualities of EPITA in different areas.

L’Usine Nouvelle ranking:  EPITA, leader in the digital sector!

L’Usine Nouvelle reaffirms it confidence in EPITA for this 2020 edition in multiple areas. First of all, the computer engineering school moved up 5 slots as compared to last year: EPITA now proudly ranks 15 out of 122 establishments, directly behind the most prestigious institutions of higher education. For the third consecutive year, EPITA also ranked number 1 in the post baccalaureate private computer engineering category entirely dedicated to digital professions!

Among the essential criteria adopted by L’Usine Nouvelle, there are two in particular that allow EPITA to stand out: student integration and international focus. Respectively ranked 1st and 6th place for these criteria, EPITA has reaped the benefits of its excellent teaching methods that are as effective as they are career-oriented and its openness to the world and international scope.  In addition to the mandatory 56-week internship as part of the school curriculum and the fact that most graduates are able to find a job less than two months after obtaining their engineering degree (91.40%), the school is primarily noted for the students’ average annual gross starting  salary of 49,560 euros, which is the highest ranking this year, above that of Polytechnique (ranked #1 in salaries for 2019) and all other schools!

EPITA’s international focus includes its significant network of academic partners on different continents and traditional mandatory semester abroad allowing 3rd year  students to discover new cultures.

L’Étudiant ranking: EPITA remains a reference in academia

Regularly acclaimed by the annual ranking compiled by L’Étudiant, EPITA once again shows strong performance in 2020. The academic media reference ranks the school in leading position in the following 5 criteria of excellence “Competence in the information technology industry (ITI)”,  “Salary after graduation”, “Number of  Alumni on LinkedIn, “High level of English” and “Instructors from the business world “!


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