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IMAGE, the new major at EPITA

Since the beginning of 2019, EPITA has offered a new major for its 4th year students: IMAGE. Unprecedented in the engineering curriculum and dedicated to processing, analyzing and synthesizing images in the field of computer engineering, the school has joined forces with 21 companies and developed this major to meet the growing needs in the field.



See beyond the images

A program that is an integral part of EPITA’s DNA

The goal behind the IMAGE major is to combine EPITA’s technological expertise in computer science with state-of-the-art image processing. The school has long endeavored to ensure that its training programs are fully in line with the most recent developments in the field of computer engineering, explains Joël Courtois, managing director of EPITA: “Since it was founded in 1984, EPITA has continuously developed its initial, professional and vocational training programs with a view to anticipating companies’ digital requirements, as is the case this year with the new major.”

From theory to practice

The IMAGE major is an educational program developed in collaboration with professionals. The students begin by learning about theoretical models in mathematics and computer science, which are essential for processing and synthesizing images, before focusing on applied technical courses and concrete projects, particularly in the health care field. This approach helps with the production of 3D photos, the 3D segmentation of blood vessels through deep learning, the study of neural networks for neuroimaging and even eye tracking to assist in the diagnosis process.

Exciting subjects

This formula has already won over EPITA students, such as Charles Ginane (EPITA class of 2020), a new IMAGE major student. “The courses given by the companies are very interesting, explains the future engineer. The speakers from the CEA (the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) help us to better understand the industry’s different applications and Océ Print (the Canon Group research and development center) allows us to carry out practical work using their powerful computing machines”

Providing future engineers with access to cutting-edge tools

From the very beginning, Elodie Puybareau and Guillaume Tochon, the heads of the new Major, strove to include professionals in the program. “We felt that it was vital to include companies in the academic program to allow those who wanted to give classes or share the tools and technical means available to firms with our students“, they statedDassault and General Electric Healthcare will soon speak to our students about 3D modeling and medical imaging.

A highly sought-after twofold competence

Finally, there is also a sense of optimism felt by the firms involved with respect to future employment opportunities that the major will bring. This is the case of Magellium Paris, a company specializing in the field of geo-information solutions and image processing, where Florence Sérié works as recruitment manager: “We are looking to recruit engineers who are experts in applied mathematics, optical modeling and programming to boost our R&D teams.” This profile perfectly corresponds to those graduates, who after two years of specialized classes in the EPITA engineering cycle, will be ready to meet the continually growing and innovative challenges.

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