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The EPITA class of 2018 graduation ceremony, celebrated at the Palais des Congrès!

The long awaited day finally arrived for the 280 some French and International students graduating from EPITA. Marking the culmination of their studies, the graduation ceremony for the new engineers from the class of 2018 was held on Saturday, April13 at the Palais des Congrès conventional center (17th district in Paris). This special event allowed these young graduates to celebrate the end of their studies and the beginning of their professional careers surrounded by friends and family, their class sponsor and the management teams from EPITA and the IONIS Education Group.


Meeting new challenges

Never be afraid to take up a new challenge and dare to embark on a new adventure!” This was the message from Marc Sellam, President and CEO of the IONIS Education Group, to this new generation of young professionals with a bright and promising future. Ready to conquer the world, these new engineering graduates know that their EPITA studies were the first important step before embracing the various IT professions and working in many future sectors, from artificial intelligence to cyber security. Just like class sponsor Richard Colot (EPITA class of 1995), vice-president of Transport at CGI, they will be facing many new challenges, working on projects that are both complex and exciting, while constantly striving to advance.

Marc Sellam & Richard Colot

Engineers with a bright future

Joel Courtois, managing director of EPITA, was also in attendance to applaud these students who he has watched make progress year after year, as well as treat the public to a surprise choreography performed by the international students! He went on to encourage the graduates to never give up in the face of adversity and maintain their thirst for knowledge, a trait that is so important for all past and future engineers.

Joël Courtois before and during the choreography !

Congratulations to the class of 2018!

All members of the class of 2018 then took to the stage to receive their diplomas. This was an opportunity for the audience to give a second big round of applause, particularly for those who brilliantly finished top of their class in each respective major: Gervaise Alina Bikoro (Master of Science / Computer Science – Software Engineering), Abdoul Aziz Amadou (Data Science and Artificial Intelligence – SCIA), Déniz Anakok (Telecommunications and Networks – TCOM), Jordan Caussat (Global IT Management – GITM), Thibault Deutsch (Multimedia and Information Technology – MTI), Ashkan Kiaie-Sandjie (Computer Engineering, Real-Time and Embedded Systems – GISTRE), Louis-Valentin Mazeau (Information Systems and Software Engineering – SIGL), Thibaud Michaud (Scientific computing and image analysis – CSI), Vanessa Vargas Garnica (Master of Computer Engineering – Software Development & Multimedia) and Mathieu Vidal (Systems, Networks and Security – SRS). We’d like to congratulate these valedictorians as well as the entire class of 2018!

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