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Discover the career path of Jessy Bernal (EPITA class of 2008), CTO and Co-founder of Doctolib!

If you have recently seen a doctor, there is a strong chance that you have already used this service without even knowing that it was developed by two EPITA alumni. Launched in 2013 and today the European leader for scheduling medical appointments online and Internet services with health professionals, Doctolib was partly founded by two EPITA engineers from the class of 2008: Ivan Schneider and Jessy Bernal.

From left to right: Stanislas Niox-Château, Ivan Schneider et Jessy Bernal

Doctolib, a French unicorn

Since graduating from EPITA, these two Ruby on Rails experts have jointly multiplied their number of successful projects, particularly by creating several companies, including Massive Music Quiz (8.5 million users, sold to Lov Group), then by joining forces with Stanislas Niox-Château in 2013 to launch this service that is now used by millions of patients and thousands of health care professionals in France and Germany. To discuss this unprecedented fruitful venture, which has made Doctolib one of the leading French unicorns, able to raise 150 million euros in March 2019 to speed up the digital transformation of the health care system, Jessy Bernal agreed to an interview for the series of video testimonies called Parcours d’EPITéen.


About Parcours d’EPITéen

Parcours d’EPITéen (the career path of an EPITA graduate) is a series of video interviews with EPITA graduates, who speak about their career, present their profession and give advice to the school’s students.

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