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The 2018 international Design4Green Challenge: EPITA takes 2nd and 3rd places !

November 21-23, 2018, over 250 students and professionals divided into 56 teams in 5 different countries participated in the new edition of the international Design4Green challenge. For 48 hours non-stop, these computer specialists took up a major challenge: writing code for an online survey following the Green IT guidelines as closely as possible! Represented by 75 of its future engineers, EPITA once again stood out after its victory last year. This year, the school boasted two teams on the podium: The Green Bees team, composed of international students, and the La Uccella team, made up of five students from the Expert cycle, respectively second and third place in the general ranking !


When choosing to study at EPITA, Lucas Trimbale, a Brazilian student and member of the Green Bees team, had hoped to take up challenges similar to that of Design4Green: “We came to EPITA not only to learn how to write code, but also how to manage projects and work with both technical and time constraints, such as eco-design. Participating in this competition is the ideal opportunity to practice working on digital challenges and prove that we are capable of succeeding. All five of us are extremely satisfied and very proud of our 2nd place award!” Alongside Charbel Azzi, Mardiros Jevalian, Samer Masaad and Antoan Hristov, Lucas received a 1,000 euro grant just like the La Uccella team, which includes Guillaume Martinez, Ismail Keskas, Remi Lapeyre, Alexandre Kim and Xavier Villelegier. EPITA would like to warmly congratulate these 10 talented EPITA students!


The Green Bees team


La Ucella team


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