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Avionics and information technology: EPITA Toulouse students discover the challenges facing Airbus

av01.pngCredit: Airbus

When we speak about the aeronautics sector, computer engineering does not necessarily come to mind. However, each year, EPITA-trained engineers join the major players in the industry to meet increasingly compelling challenges. Last spring, EPITA Toulouse invited one of the giants in the field, Airbus, to its campus for a special conference, allowing its students to better understand these challenges and missions that they will potentially face once they have joined the professional ranks.


What could be more normal for a computer engineering school based in Toulouse than to invite a representative from Airbus? Embedded systems in cockpits, radar devices using ground-based IT systems, the analysis of countless data related to sensors on airplanes… our students rapidly discovered the endless number of subjects for discussion between future EPITA graduates and this big name in aeronautics, thanks to the lecture given by Stéphane Duverger. On April 9, 2018, this research engineer in information systems security at the Airbus security organization gave a highly informative conference for the school’s first year students on the safety of airplanes, the airplane production chain (how to ensure compliance with the safety standards in force in France and abroad) and in-house computer security tools, such as office computer systems, identity management and encryption.

It was the perfect opportunity to introduce the students to a wide range of new vocations at a time when Airbus is announcing that it will be recruiting 250 new employees in the IT, cyber security, big data, artificial intelligence and even the Internet of things sectors!




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