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International week at EPITA: a cultural rendezvous!

Each year, EPITA welcomes several hundreds of students from Asia, Africa and America, thanks to its international Masters, partner universities and French Language Center. To allow the future French engineers to learn more about the countries of their foreign counterparts, the school’s international relations department organizes an annual week-long event with conferences, forums, culinary workshops, as well as athletic and cultural activities, placing EPITA at the crossroads of the world! Held April 10-14, 2018 on the Paris Kremlin-Bicêtre campus, the 2018 edition of international week led to a myriad of exchanges between students in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

retour_semaine_internationale_rencontres_etudiants_etrangers_conferences_ateliers_cultures_france_partenaires_decouverte_epita_paris_avril_2018_09.jpgInternational week through the eyes of… Nazima Canda, director of international relations

“International week allows us to present our partner network and international community to the school’s future engineers. It focuses on interculturality, open-mindedness, international projects and even international job opportunities. Students have access to a wide variety of activities during this 4-day event, where they can speak with experts and their international counterparts, while participating in conferences, mini projects, resume workshops, etc. The program is specially designed to help students better prepare and manage their professional project!”

International week through the eyes of… Hao Xu, (EPITA class of 2019) international student

Although I grew up in Beijing, China, my family comes from the central part of the country. I’ve been a student at EPITA since August 2017, studying for my Master of Engineering with a major in Software Development and Multimedia (SDM). International week was quite incredible: all the students came together to discover each other’s culture and traditions… I chose to share my homemade ravioli, which we often make for special family gatherings in China. Moreover, speaking of family, EPITA really makes us feel like we belong to theirs! ”

retour_semaine_internationale_rencontres_etudiants_etrangers_conferences_ateliers_cultures_france_partenaires_decouverte_epita_paris_avril_2018_16.jpgretour_semaine_internationale_rencontres_etudiants_etrangers_conferences_ateliers_cultures_france_partenaires_decouverte_epita_paris_avril_2018_07.jpgretour_semaine_internationale_rencontres_etudiants_etrangers_conferences_ateliers_cultures_france_partenaires_decouverte_epita_paris_avril_2018_13.jpgInternational week through the eyes of… Quang Nghi Huynh (EPITA class of 2019), 4th year student (SIGL Major) and President of the EpiWorld association

International week is an important event that brings together French and foreign students. At EPITA, as future computer engineers, we all understand that internationalization must be taken seriously given the fact that the firms in this field are often globalized. It has really become an essential point. And, we learned many different things this week, thanks to culinary workshops, for example. I must say that I particularly liked the dishes made by the Latin American students!

International week through the eyes of… Silambarasan Somasundaran, (EPITA class of 2019) international student

I come from Tamil Nadu, a state in southern India that is known for its sporting events and agriculture. There are other Indian students studying at EPITA, who come from different regions in my country. Together, we decided to take advantage of this week to present our country – we prepared dishes that we serve for Pongal, the harvest festival, which is a very important event that brings together family and neighbors — and we would like to thank the international relations department for giving us this opportunity. As I have friends who are studying in other schools in France, I know that there are not many that offer this type of initiative. I realize how lucky I am to be a student at EPITA.

retour_semaine_internationale_rencontres_etudiants_etrangers_conferences_ateliers_cultures_france_partenaires_decouverte_epita_paris_avril_2018_02.jpgretour_semaine_internationale_rencontres_etudiants_etrangers_conferences_ateliers_cultures_france_partenaires_decouverte_epita_paris_avril_2018_06.jpgretour_semaine_internationale_rencontres_etudiants_etrangers_conferences_ateliers_cultures_france_partenaires_decouverte_epita_paris_avril_2018_17.jpgInternational week through the eyes of… Rabih Haddad, Director of international programs

The benefits of international week are twofold. First, it allows this year’s new international students to get to know the French students better and share different aspects of their culture. These students are all very proud to be able to take on the role of ambassador to their country, dress in their traditional garments and share their typical dishes with others. It also allows French students, who will be spending a semester abroad or working later on another continent, to discover new cultures. This is also why we organize specific conferences on how technologies are developing abroad and integration in companies, as well as presentations of our partner schools. It is wonderful seeing these young and talented Indian, Pakistani, Mexican, Lebanese and Chinese students meet and interact with one another!



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