Eunika Mercier-Laurent and Bill Manos, two of EPITA’s professors, participated in the 9th European Innovation Summit @ the European Parliament in Brussels.

From November 27th to December 1st the 9th European Innovation Summit took place in Brussels. Bertrand Piccard was the Keynote speaker of this famous event whose purpose is to stimulate innovations in Europe and to showcase and develop the winning EU Top 50 startups most launched by young graduates who are defending new concepts which are going to make an impact on society. Each winning company had 90 seconds to make a pitch in the European Parliament Hemicycle in front of members of the European Innovation Council, corporate representatives, investors and business angels. Winning presentations were selected for financial awards and other assistance.


EU Top 50 brochure.jpg

Two of our professors, Eunika Mercier-Laurent, professor of Knowledge Management and Innovation and Bill Manos, professor of Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy at EPITA were invited to this prestigious week and were part of the decision makers hearing and voting on all 50 “elevator pitches” (a subject covered in Bill’s class at EPITA!)

Bill and Eunika @ EU Top 50.jpgBill Manos & Eunika Mercier-Laurent at EU Top 50 Hemicycle Start-up Convention

voting system.jpgEuropean Parliament voting system

Eunika and Bill also participated in the EU Top 50 Startup Conference Workshop on EU support, Eunika had several roles, including as a moderator during the workshop. Bill conducted a session on importance of the digital marketing and social media strategy for a startup to be commercially successful.

Bill.jpgBill Manos at the workshop conference in front of the EU Top 50 startups and panel

Eunika, our professor of Knowledge Management and Innovation, also conducted a lunch debate on “Artificial Intelligence: What Perspectives for Sustainable and Prosperous Future?”

EU TOP50 Workshop Panel 2.jpg Conference workshop

EUtop50_Winners-1.jpgWinner of this EU top 50 start ups received financial awards and support from investors.

We at EPITA, are proud to have the participation of our professors, Eunika and Bill, at such a prestigious event, contributing toward turning Europe’s knowledge and ideas into value for society.