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As 5th year Global IT Management (GITM) students, Cyrille Cazenave, Kévin Disclyn and Fabio Ferreira Cachapa (EPITA class of 2017) began working on Praxicolor, an end of studies project in collaboration with L’Oréal. What is the goal behind this application? To provide hair salon colorists with training on L’Oréal products, allowing them to best meet their client’s needs.

Why did you choose this project?
We had a choice between several projects, but rapidly selected this one, as we wanted to work with a large group like L’Oréal.

What exactly does your project consist of?
It is specially designed for hair colorists who wish to improve their skills and expertise in order to better satisfy their customers and ensure that the end results are superior to those offered by hair coloring products available in supermarkets. The principle consists of taking the client’s global situation into account (percentage of gray hair, old hair color, new color requested, etc.). The application guides hair stylists in drawing up a diagnosis, then in choosing the most appropriate products and application techniques, allowing for optimal results and customer satisfaction. This is the primary service that this application offers. It also allows the salon’s employees to receive training on the business logic of how the L’Oréal group’s products are used with a gamification approach: quizzes, simulations and case studies as well as videos.

What is the positive aspect of working with such a large company?
It enables us to see how a project is developed within a large-scale structure. For example, we sometimes had to deal with unexpected constraints, such as requirements in terms of data security, and compliance with standards and processes as requested by the group’s digital department.

What did you enjoy the most?
Bringing together two completely different sectors: hairdressing and information technology. It is interesting to experiment with change management and digital transformation in this type of company.

What was the biggest challenge?
Learning and understanding the vocabulary used in the hair care sector as well as hair coloring techniques so that we could create codes used for the application! To do this, we spoke with many colorists, spent a lot of time learning about hair salons and then transcribed it all in computer language. In fact, the biggest challenge we faced turned out not to be technological. We had to find a clear and easily comprehensible language that would be understood by individuals in both of these sectors.

How is the project progressing today?
It is still in the proof of concept (POC) stage and being studied by the L’Oréal group’s training and marketing divisions.

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