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2017 research and innovation week: EPITA, in tune with the experts

From Monday September 11 through Friday September 15, 2017, the new edition of the research and innovation week at EPITA brought many renowned professionals to the school’s Paris Kremlin-Bicêtre Campus. It was an opportunity for future engineers (and the general public as well) to learn about a wide variety of subjects thanks to numerous conferences and fascinating round table discussions examining the notion of innovation from diverse angles such as pure technology, management, human resources and even marketing. Here is the photo retrospective of the first major event of the 2017-2018 school year.

Conference expert.jpg

To ensure that this week-long event got off to a good start, EPITA invited Philippe Bournhonesque, CTO of IBM France.


Conférence 2 expert.jpg

Emmanuel Bavière, Global Head of Innovation Center and Technology Evangelist at Société Générale also gave a lecture.

Conférence 3 expert.jpgConference 4 expert.jpgEytan Herzberg, head of Keyrus Innovation Factory France.

Conférence 5.jpgA round table discussion led by Anne Dewilde (center), director of EPITA’S IT Innovation Institute (3ie), together with Anne-Lise Pierchon‏, Innovation Manager for PwC France and French-speaking Africa and Lionel Laské, Innovation Manager for C2S – Groupe Bouygues and head of SPOT Bouygues.

Gilles.jpgGilles Dowek, researcher at Inria and professor at ENS Paris-Saclay, covering modeling and the design of algorithms for air traffic control.

Antoine.jpgAntoine Danchin, founder and scientific director of AMAbiotics SAS, came to speak about biotechnologies.

During the week, the school’s research laboratories participated in many conferences. Below, Olivier Ricou, head of the EPITA Research and Development laboratory (LRDE), Didier Verna, researcher-professor at LRDE, Anne Dewilde with the Pepper robot and 3ie teams.

Conference1.jpgConference6.jpgConférence 7.jpg

The following also participated in the 2017 research and innovation week: Maximilien Colange, researcher-professor at LRDE, Akim Demaille, Software Engineer at Docker, Alexandre Duret-Lutz, researcher-professor at LRDE, Robert Erra, director of the System & Security Laboratory at EPITA (LSE), Jonathan Fabrizio, researcher-professor at LRDE, Pierre Lasvigne (EPITA class of 2010), CTO of, Arthur Querou (EPITA class of 2015), ‎co-founder and CEO of Keymantics and the team that developed “La météo des chantiers” application – Julien Baudic, Samy Benyoub, Benjamin Chambon and Nicolas Mateos (EPITA class of 2018) for Société du Grand Paris.

Conférence 8.jpg

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