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EPITA Business Week is a not-to-be-missed event for all 4th year students. Normally organized during the summer, it brings future engineers together for one week to work as a team on a serious game covering notions of financial management, human resources, marketing and even digital visibility, based on a theme specially chosen by the school’s teaching staff. Organized in July, 30 teams of nearly 160 EPITA students were asked to propose a business project developed around a hoverboard and simulate its existence over a period of seven virtual quarters using software. This fascinating challenge placed several teams in the spotlight.


In the “Management & Finance” category, the Elecop team came out on top. Financial forecasts, spreadsheets and other cost prices held no secrets for them!


As for “Marketing“, the Green Wheel team outdid their competitors using a well-planned communications strategy, combined with a highly effective logo and graphic charter.


In the “Human Resources” category, the E-Rolls team stood out by showing expertise in both external (recruitment ads) and internal matters (creation of tools, selection of resumes, integration planning, conflict management…).

Rolling in the future.jpg

In terms of Adwords referencing and driving social network communities, associated with the “Digital Challenge“, awards were given to the Futuremotion team, who proved to be extremely at ease on the World Wide Web.


The e-Gyro team came out on top in the “Sales Challenge“, which consisted of developing a mailshot and sales brochure, creating a well-founded sales argument and drawing up precise business calculations.


For the “General and Business Culture” quiz, two teams stood out: StreetWheels and La Roue Paris.


At the end of the Business Week event, the top three teams that earned the most points for each micro-challenge were rewarded. Ahead of E-Rolls (third place) and Elecop (second place), and with no intermediary prize under its belt, the team that climbed to the top of the podium was GyroWheel! More proof that high performance over the long term is often rewarded!

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