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An event showcasing global innovation, VivaTechnology welcomed nearly 68,000 visitors between June 15 and 17 at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles exhibition center (Paris, 15th district). During the second edition of VivaTechnology, the IONIS education group, a partner to the event, presented thirty-some projects developed by its students and alumni. This was the perfect opportunity to highlight the synergy that exists between education and innovation in our schools, which, in addition to making the IONIS Education Group the leading school of higher education in the private sector in France, has made the Education Group #1 in computer technologies and digital media. This was demonstrated by the many Alumni who attended this event, either as exhibitors or visitors.


From the solidarity project Nich, which provides aid to migrant refugees thanks to the service design (e-artsup), and the serious virtual reality game Ephedra VR, an educational project for medical students (IT Innovation Institute of EPITA), to the design of a rocket that can carry molecules up to 2,000 meters in altitude to trigger rainfall (HighDr’O by IPSA and Sup’Biotech), the Group’s students and alumni presented a wide range of innovative projects in sectors such as transportation, aeronautics, health care, entertainment, cyber security, agriculture and even digital, augmented reality, video games, robotics and artificial intelligence.


Here are some of main projects:

  • Witick: mobile application that allows users to purchase and use public transportation tickets from their cell phones. The user buys a ticket in a single click and then places his/her smartphone next to the machine to validate the ticket.
  • Estimeo: provides scores to start-ups and innovative projects in an automatic and algorithmic manner based on financial and extra-financial criteria.
  • Incarna: a mixture of cinema, escape game and role play, Incarna is new generation indoor entertainment
  • Horyus: object authentication project with an NFC chip and Blockchain.
  • Helppy: a connected watch that helps handicapped and mentally challenged individuals accomplish simple daily tasks.
  • La météo des chantiers: mobile application for the Société du Grand Paris, allowing users to receive information in real time about current and future local worksites.
  • Fréquence Running: an application that allows users to create a free personalized exercise plan.
  • Bonanza: platform to help students look for internships and build professional networks.
  • Wellcut: in only a few clicks, Wellcut allows users to easily and immediately create and share extracts from online videos.
  • Quantifly: a drone that detects air pollution.
  • Ephedra VR: a new, serious virtual reality educational game for medical students, developed by Sabrine Elbahri, Jean-Baptiste Hervé, Valentin Lamatte and Alexandre Adam (3ie, class of 2018).
  • Wouvy: platform that allows Internet users to connect and work together as well as share and exchange documents. The various functions assist the team in a process of reflection and implementation
  • Evidence: connected, interactive mirror that helps doctors and supports stroke patients during their reeducation phase.
  • RailZ: information application for users by users.
  • HighDr’O: rocket that can carry molecules up to 2,000 meters in altitude to trigger rainfall.
  • Realytics: performance analysis for offline advertising campaigns.
  • Victor & Charles: artificial intelligence dedicated to hotel personnel to help predict clients’ needs and desires.
  • ICEboard: mobile and web application that brings players, managers and decision-makers together in a virtual crisis room.
  • My Robotics: a device that measures changes in patients’ sensitivity in taste, to better adapt their treatment dosage.
  • Cowash: collaborative dry cleaning.
  • Morman Design: web software publishing services for hair dressers.
  • Aéromate: urban agriculture start-up.
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