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Overview of our festive 2017 International Week!

A global dimension and international scope are an integral part of EPITA and its core values. In addition to the mandatory semester abroad, which is part of the school’s course of studies and the international division in which the first three years are entirely taught in English, the school regularly encourages students to open up to the world and discover new cultures. In light of this, EPITA’s Parisian campus hosts a yearly event: International Week.

The 2017 edition of this event “without borders”, once again a hit among the EPITA students, was held from March 14 to 17. It boasted numerous conferences (expatriation, double degrees, intercultural management, VIE (Volunteer for International Experience programs) and even the art of writing an international resume…) and a Forum showcasing the many foreign partner universities. The 4th year EPITA students were also able to participate in cultural, athletic and culinary workshops run by foreign students enrolled in the MSc and ME programs at EPITA. These unique encounters took our future engineers on a fabulous journey from Bolivia and Vietnam, to China, Cameroon, Ghana, Honduras, India, Lebanon, Nepal, Uganda, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and even Tunisia. Here is a photo retrospective of this remarkable multicultural event.

IW 1.jpg

IW 2.jpgIW3.jpg





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