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In collaboration with the leading French company THALES, EPITA had the pleasure to receive a group of young Emirati students, from the prestigious Applied Technology High School (ATHS) and Secondary Technical School (STS) for its First edition of Spring School from March 26 to April 6, 2017.


EPITA Spring School is committed to offering high quality, innovative academic courses in a specific specialization during a short period. Our aim is to provide experiential education opportunities both in academic and cultural fields. By opening our doors to visiting students, we support our School’s goals of educating a broad and diverse student population.

cours.jpgRabih Haddad, Director of the Master’s programs and the Emirati students



Our Grade 11 ATHS and STS students participated in our specially designed program on Video Game Development. In this 2 week long program, they gained comprehensive knowledge on computer components (sound cards, graphic cards, programming, coding, etc.) and they even developed a video game application for mobiles. They were proud to showcase their achievements and share their learnings.

In addition to having academic understanding, cultural immersion activities were also highlights of this program. Students discovered the beauty of Paris while visiting landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum, Disneyland, Champs Elysées, the most famous avenue etc. These visits were a time to enjoy French delicacies, experience the French way of living and acquire some historical insights on France.

17499470_10155257133568029_1591035251780955344_n.jpgEiffel Tower Visit

This was also a unique opportunity for the young Emiratis to interact with the French people and EPITA students. They learnt the importance of multiculturalism and how to immerse and adapt themselves in a foreign environment. This program cultivated their overall knowledge and helped them broaden their minds.

IMG_5171.JPGLaser Game


Football Game

To mark the end of this program, a good bye dinner was held to cherish all the moments and students were given a certificate for their participation. They were all overwhelmed by this memorable adventure!


IMG_5125.JPGNazima Canda Director of International Relations, Joêl Courtois Managing Director, Abdulrahman
Almarzouqi and Rabih Haddad Director of the Master’s programs

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