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Every year, the L’Usine Nouvelle magazine publishes its list of the top 100 engineering schools in France. This year, EPITA ranked #1 in the category of post-baccalaureate engineering school of computer science on the criteria of professional integration, rewarding the school for its teaching methods specially developed to best meet the needs and expectations of the business world.


Trained to solve future technological and societal issues in an innovative fashion, EPITA engineers enter the workforce with solid business experience, thanks to 13 months of mandatory internships spread out over their entire course of studies (12 months during the Engineering cycle, and 1 month during the Preparatory cycle), together with the numerous projects completed, including those in collaboration with partner firms, such as in the framework of the PFEE. The school also has a staff of approximately one hundred seasoned faculty members who regularly organize events allowing students to meet with players at the forefront of today’s digital scene. These events include the annual Business Forum, ITC & Geopolitics conference and more recently, its Open Source days and Smart City conferences.

usinenouvelle1.jpgSynergie first edition and Girls can code 2016!

EPITA, a pillar of diversity
The school has long focused on the question of diversity in the field of computer science, whether it be through its historical participation in the Trophée excellencia awards program, its partnership with the Elles Bougent association and even the student events organized by Prologin and Synergie. In addition to its 2017 ranking, L’Usine Nouvelle also wished to emphasize the idea of diversity. “Like many digital education schools, EPITA has very few female students, and is encouraging young women to break with stereotypes and join the computer science and cyber security programs.

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