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For the 4th consecutive year, EPITA has organized the citizen reserves cyber defense Challenge during the FIC!
In addition to receiving SecNumedu certification rewarding the school’s level of expertise in cyber protection, EPITA was also active in the 2017 edition of the International Cyber security Forum (FIC), organizing a forensic challenge for the 4th consecutive year. This challenge drew in twice as many candidates as the year before, with thirty-some teams and nearly 150 participants.


On January 25, the competitors were asked to solve a maximum number of forensic analytical exercises in 4 hours based on twelve different themes (virology, production tools, Android, Tor, DDoS, phishing, etc.). These exercises were developed by students from the System, Network and Security (SNS) major at EPITA as part of their end of the year project. Responsible for drawing up and preparing scenarios as well as conducting attacks in a laboratory, and then gathering enough clues to allow them to create a post mortem analytical challenge, the students were assisted by Sébastien Bombal, head of the SRS Master’s program, and Pierre-Olivier Mercier (EPITA class of 2014), R&D engineer at Qarnot Computing and teacher at EPITA.


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