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Rabih Haddad live on Campus Channel presenting the Master of Engineering Program

Rabih Haddad and Mike Fotso (student persuing a master of engineering degree) presented the Master of Enngineering program on Campus Channel last Monday.

One of the major advantages for computer engineers is that they can easily find a professional position anywhere in the world. Whether they choose a career in France or abroad, digital engineers have a wide range of choices on the job market after graduating from engineering school.

EPITA has one of the highest graduate employment rates: 96% in less than one month, with the highest starting salaries from among all engineering schools (the average gross salary is over 40,000 euros excluding benefits.

Students can choose among three different specializations to enable them to gain engineering-specific skills:

  • Global IT Management
  • Software Development and Multimedia
  • Systems, Networks and Security

To watch the full video, please click on the below link:

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