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This was a historic first at EPITA on Thursday, 16 September 2016!

The first EPITA Master of Engineering class has hit the campus

21 students representing 10 different nationalities joined the ranks of EPITA for our brand new international program: Master of Engineering.

As soon as they arrived in France, the students were taken under the wing of the international relations team. Their accommodations were already reserved and taxi drivers were available to pick them up at the airport. After they comfortably settled in, they were invited to spend two days of student orientation at EPITA, where they learned more about the adventure awaiting them.

Mr. Joël Courtois, the school’s managing director, was on hand to personally welcome all of the new students and Rabih HADDAD, international program director, was also there to provide a detailed explanation about the new program that will be entirely taught in English. Supported by his team, he helped the foreign students take their first steps into French life and culture. Patricia TAUTH, marketing and international program coordinator and Sadia KIFOUCHE, international communications assistant, helped the new students with all of their administrative tasks (CAF housing allowance, opening a bank account, public transportation pass, VISA, sports club membership, etc.). Alice MILLION, head of the French Language Center, introduced the language program that will reinforce the students’ scientific knowledge and tested each student to determine their level of French.

ME1.jpg Mr. Joël Courtois, school’s managing director

These orientation days were also the perfect opportunity to meet with their classmates over a friendly lunch, sharing past experiences and future dreams. Although each individual chose to study at EPITA for specific reasons, they all have two things in common: a passion for IT and a desire to succeed.

In addition to French classes provided by our French Language Center, the two-year course of studies will allow this graduating class to obtain a Master of Engineering from EPITA, a door-opening diploma that will change their lives forever.

ME2.jpgMaster of Engineering students

These international students will enjoy 3 semesters of fascinating classes, including Global IT Management, Systems, Networks and Security, and Software Development & Multimedia Systems, based on their major. During the 4th semester, they will have an internship in a company in order to put the knowledge they have acquired at EPITA into practice.To start our new program on a high note, the students met with their French classmates for the famous “Piscine event, a two-week immersion session for developing C programs in Unix.


We would like to wish them luck in their endeavors and are proud to welcome these future international engineers to our school.

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