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EAIE 2016: a window to the world of international higher education

Nazima Canda, EPITA’s director of international relations, has agreed to play the question-answer game regarding her participation at the 28th annual EAIE Conference.

1/ What was the purpose of your attendance at the EAIE?

The purpose was to meet and interact with EPITA’s academic partners. This European conference is one of the 3 most important conferences and it is held each year in Europe. It is extremely important for EPITA’s international strategy to be present there so to meet its partners.

This year, it took place in Liverpool and it attracted 5000 people from international higher education.

This EAIE chose to stimulate a dialog focused on what is possible for the future of international education.

2/ Who did you meet?

This conference is a place when you get to meet not only our current partners from different universities but also develop new collaborations and seek new opportunities of academic cooperation. It allows the educational world to exchange views and to gather information on how to diversify our international strategies.
This is the best opportunity in Europe to share practices and innovative ideas with professionals coming from different countries.


Our university partner, Chitkara, based in Turkey, with Nazima Canda, director of EPITA international relations

3/ How will this fair enhance EPITA’s international visibility?

Participating in this meeting is the key to internationalization for EPITA.
Today, I believe that worldwide visibility is mandatory for our engineering school and it is extremely important to expand our unique know-how and expertise in computer science.
This event is a platform which enables EPITA to strengthen its ties with its partners not only for outgoing students but also for those who wish to study in Paris. It was an occasion for me to present our new programs that have been developing specifically for our international students.

4 / Any anecdote you would like to share with us?
It was an awesome experience to be in the city of the Beatles. Imagine yourself with 5000 international colleagues running around with their EAIE badges and enjoying typical English pubs.
It’s been a hard day’s night!


Nazima Canda and our partners from Mahidol University, based in Thailand

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