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Testpitara: a start-up built by an EPITA alumni

You studied at EPITA in 2009-2010, could you please tell us what you did and explain us your experience since you graduated?

Prashant: In the 2 years at EPITA I studied my master in Information system & Management. Since entrepreneurship is something I was into before joining EPITA, I wanted a course which could help me enhancing my techno-commercial skills. The life at EPITA was fun with multi-cultural teams working together. The complete course was taught by industry driven professors and hence it gave me personally a hint of what was happening in the European market. Since I already had a start up planned in my mind hence I planned and built all my courses around the same.
Also in my role as global business development manager at PREDA Paris Region Economic Development Agency a public funded entity by the Inwards investment department of the State lI de France, I had a big opportunity to see the huge investments taking place in the European region. I personally generated a strong lead of 10Mn Euros in my tenure which eventually did happen in the bio-technology which is huge achievement given the 10 months time of my work.

You’ve built a start-up in India, how the idea of this company came to you?

Prashant:The idea of my start up Testpitara was originated in Paris while I was still at EPITA,I always wanted the start up to be originated in India. The reason being India has the highest number of student base in the world and shall remain for good some years as we are the youngest population globally. The idea was to leverage technology to the education system thus enabling easy distribution of education. Testpitara is India’s first age knowledge management portal which works as an unique market place for Instructor – User Model. We have been covered by top media houses of the country.


What are you favorite tasks at work?

Prashant: Since Testpitara is a community based product ,meeting people is my most preferred task at work. Students, Instructors, Institutes and other start up communities who keep meeting me to give good and bad points about our product is valued at my end.
I like to take the feedback and sit with my small team of 10 developers and brain storm which is another preferred task for me.
But one of the most difficult task is to be the founder, to wear multiple hats at work where sometimes I think like an user, sometime like a buyer and then some time like a developer. So this versatility only can happen when you jump into the challenging well called entrepreneurship.

Could you please share an anecdote about you?

Prashant:I am basically a sportsman first more than anything else as I professionally played the game and spent around 12 years of my life to the game of Cricket. Nationally and internationally represented many teams. The game taught lot of leadership, team building and self confidence. It’s been good 12-13 years I am a professionally active in business , mentoring some budding cricket players, helping some younger ones planning to start up and most importantly handling the family business. Therefore handling multiple things at time is becoming my forte.

Right now I am married since 10 months to a lovely girl called Neha who is herself is a Doctor and has lived and learnt globally. I am enjoying my ups and lows of life and work with her as I know the most beautiful days of my life have just began.

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