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The EPITA class of 2015 graduation ceremony on video

The highlight of our students’ academic life at EPITA was the graduation ceremony allowing them to proudly display the engineering diploma that they have worked so hard to obtain. Here is a video replay of the ceremony, celebrating the class of 2015, with Joël Courtois, Managing Director of EPITA, Guy Mamou-Mani, sponsor of the class of 2015 and president of Syntec Numérique as well as four young graduates: Matthias Bourg, graduate of the Global IT Management program (GITM), Marlène Da Silva, graduate of the Information Systems Management and Software Engineering program (SIGL), Raphaël Kiffer, graduate of the Multimedia and Information Technologies program (MTI) and Marko Perucica, graduate of the International MasterComputer Security program.

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