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Episport: a dynamic student association

The Episport association was founded in 1989, with its slogan: “No Sacrifice, No Victory.” Chaired by Luc Junior Lubrano-Lavadera (EPITA class of 2017), this association brings together the different recreational sports divisions of the Parisian EPITA, Epitech and Ionis-STM campuses. Since its inception, it has given sports fans the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of different athletic activities by providing them with an official license from the French Federation of University Sports (FFSU).


Modeled on American universities, the schools that are part of the IONIS Education Group understand how important regular exercise and physical activity is for students. Sports provide a real source of well-being, motivation, commitment, involvement, creativity, concentration, communication and team spirit. They are an active part of one’s physical and mental development. Hence, the importance of the Episport association, which has been offering its members many different physical activities between classes for the past 26 years. “To be successful at school, you have to be able to relax. That is why we try to open up and offer new recreational activities as well as boost those that didn’t attract a large number of people over the past year”, explains Luc-Junior, president of Episport since June 2015, who strives to find something for everyone.

A variety of recreational sports to choose from
Today, the association boasts nine active sports clubs. “We have opened up dance classes and just created a judo club and fitness club (body building recommendations and fitness sessions). We also offer soccer, basketball, badminton, Jogging, Boxing and tricking. In the upcoming months, we will try to launch a table tennis club as well as a volleyball club, with the help of the Sup’Biotech recreational sports division.


The association is also in charge of sports activities during school events, such as induction days and weekends and open house days. However, it also organizes its own events: “Last year, in partnership with the Envolée association, we organized a Tricking Party, where tricking and dance battles took place all evening long. This event is held at the beginning of each school year, most often the first weekend of October.”

Focus on the inter-university sports competition: Challenge du Monde des Grandes Écoles
This year, the Episport association has received approval to renovate the gymnasium located in the basement of the Epita Paris campus. “This renovation project includes a brand new floor, new lines and markings (the old ones are starting to wear off), new basketball hoops and protective wall cladding so that our students can continue to play in a safe environment.”

In addition to university tournaments, at which the association competes with other Parisian schools in different fields, Episport stood out during the ‘Challenge du Monde des Grandes Écoles’. “As it is held at the end of the school year, this event is the yearly high point for our association. All year long, we prepare our athletes for this competition, which includes several different activities: men and women’s soccer, track and field, supporters and cheerleaders. Each year, this event continues to grow and become more important in our association. This year will definitely be better than last year.” We certainly wish them the best of luck!

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