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The green code challenge 2015

This year EPITA’s students encountered 500 other students and 50 professionals from all around the world for the green code challenge. The participants had 48 hours to make the digital greener and then become the best green developer of 2015.
This international event took place from the 2nd to the 4th of December 2015.
The aim of this challenge was to promote the eco-design software and reveal talented developers. The winner got the opportunity to visit San Francisco for a week.

Green code chalenge.jpg The director Mr Courtois and the winners!

The silver medal was awarded to the Bankizz team, composed of Clément Bourdin, Tommy Brodjanac-Lopes, Pierre Sabot et David Zamani Kord (EPITA year 2016), 4 students in their 5th yearMTI Major. An excellent result related by Clément and Pierre:

What is the Green Code Lab Challenge?
Clément: It is an international challenge gathering lots of students and firms in order to develop a solution with low energy-consumption. This year, the goal was to develop a small server on a Raspberry Pi. Basically, the green code challenge organizers were sending data on our Raspberry Pi and our job was to catch those data and send them on our server located on the Cloud, saving as much energy as possible.

Was that the first time you took part in such a contest?
Clément: No, not me, but it was the first time for the rest of my team.

Have you ever worked before with a Raspberry Pi?
Pierre: Actually, in such a challenge, technology is of little importance. Raspberry Pi was just a media where we could collect the data: there was nothing particular to know about it to succeed and it wasn’t necessary to have used it before. The most difficult was to choose the right language; the one that would interface perfectly with all our components. As it happens, we chose the C language, a language that we had known very well thanks to Epita.

What did you like best during the Green Code Lab?
Clément: We really enjoyed the fact that this contest was directly linked to current events and especially COP21. The challenge itself was really well organized with such a good atmoshpere. We learned many things about economy and algorithm.
This will help us developing environmentally friendly apps in our professional careers.

Pierre: This is very true. The more applications and systems you create that consume less energy, the more profitable it is for companies. The stake is at the same time ecological and economical.

What was the prize for the silver medal?
Clément: We won 1000 €!

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