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Tania Garrido, an exchange student from TEC Monterrey in Mexico spent one year at EPITA where she studied the international master program. She tells us a few words about her stay at EPITA.

– Why did you choose EPITA and France for your exchange semester?

I chose EPITA because it is one of the best schools of computer science in France, and I chose France because I really wanted to learn French better and to get to know the culture. I also find it a very artistic place full of things to discover and learn from.


– What would you retain from that year spent at EPITA?

From the year I spent in EPITA, I will remember a world of things, I learned a lot about the French culture, and I learned French language!
Furthermore, I improved my skills within the computer science field and developed skills to communicate and interact with people from all around the world. But the most important thing that I will retain is my friends! They were my biggest blessing throughout this year. I will also never forget my mentors, teachers and the whole international department staff!


– What is your impression regarding the environment and the French Culture?

The environment is really friendly, I never felt alone while I stayed at EPITA. Regarding the French culture, it is very different from many other cultures but you can easily adapt if you are open-minded.

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