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Lily a twenty-one years old student from China, currently studying at Ningbo Dahongying University-China, participated in our Summer School and accepted to share her experience.

Why did you choose EPITA and France for the Summer school?

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to participate in Epita’s Summer School in France. I’m someone who finds it hard to talk with others or express my own views in public, so i thought this experience will help me. I learned about Epita and how the school was committed to developing some of the world’s best IT talent which attracted me to come. The atmosphere and thirst for knowledge were very inviting. As far as France was concerned, everything I saw on the Internet or read in books portrayed it as a city steeped in history and classical flavour, which made up my mind to come here.

What do you hold from those 10 days spent here?

I learned a lot during my stay at Epita, primarily from the courses which were arranged for us – including IOS, IT and Getting over the cultural shock. I felt that the school has a unique ability to impart skills and knowledge in a way which engender interest and focus on the enquiring mind of the student.

Secondly, the teachers and office staff were so kind and helpful that I hooked to be anxious, and felt right at home and completely at ease. I also met Korean and Indian students who came from diverse cultural backgrounds. The friendly atmosphere allowed me to put aside our cultural differences and befriend them without letting our different backgrounds in the way.

The whole experience has been unique and unforgettable for me. Being returned to my third year studies I am now intensely committed to my learning with renewed vigour. I continue the new school year with a positive and industrious working attitude, ready to embrace the new challenges ahead.


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