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Following last year’s success, EPITA’s International Week returned from 25 to 28 March 2015.

On the agenda: encounters with international students who presented elements of their culture. Students on the French course found out about international mobility options from our international partners who came especially for the event, as well as conferences on the main foreign markets such as Singapore, USA, China and Canada.


From Left to right: Footloose danse, kabbadi (Indian game), Korean Calligraphy and Spray Painting (Pakistan)

The importance of this week was to highlight the various nationalities present on the campus, thanks to EPITA’s international students who proactively took part in the week by

presenting the customs specific to their countries (Korean calligraphy, Lebanese Dabke dance, Indian kabbadi and cricket, Mexican bingo and spray painting, etc.). In addition to this wide range of cultural activities set up by our international students, we took great pleasure in discovering the culinary specialties of their respective countries prepared by their own hands (Chinese, Lebanese, Greek, Nigerian, Korean, Pakistani, Mexican, Argentine and American meals).

International master students with Rabih Haddad, Deputy Director international Relations Office

We then enjoyed the conferences and information stands held by EPITA’s various international partners. A dozen partners came for the event, from countries such as Denmark, the USA, Ireland, the UK, China and Bahrain. Around twenty universities were represented and gave information to EPITA’s French students who have to spend at least one semester abroad to obtain EPITA’s qualification.

11210282_818843784871058_39296823_n.jpg From left to right, American Food, Libanese food, Chinese and Korean Food


French and foreign students
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