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L’Usine Nouvelle, the magazine devoted to economics and technology in industrial fields, has just published the results of its annual league table of the 100 top engineering schools in France. EPITA once again holds an excellent position and has even risen three places.


L’Usine Nouvelle rates all French engineering schools and publishes its list of the top 100 based on three major areas of assessment: graduates’ integration in the job market, the courses’ international dimension and proximity to research. After ranking 25th in 2014, EPITA has jumped three spots this year, in particular thanks to the acknowledgement of its graduates’ post-qualification success (6th in the overall league table, with 0.10 months to wait before being hired and more than 6200 graduates currently working) and its international dimension (13th in the league table). At the top spot for post-secondary school engineering schools for starting salaries and for the percentage of students working abroad, EPITA ranks 5th in the overall league table of post-secondary schools. In which areas can EPITA continue to improve? The low number of young women reflects a problem affecting the digital sector as a whole. Aware of this issue, EPITA launched the Excellencia trophy a few years ago, organised by Syntec Numérique, of which the student category rewards young women who wish to launch careers in the digital sector, with awards such as scholarships. Last year, EPITA won the prize for the school the most committed to promoting engineering profiles to female students by the Conférence des directeurs des écoles françaises d’ingénieurs (CDEFI – Conference of French engineering school directors).


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