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This year, EPITA has come out as the leading engineering school in France according to the forward-looking criteria proposed by the list compiled by l’Étudiant.
“What do students and companies expect of a good engineering school today? That it prepares students to join the working world through many varied internships, trains them for international careers in a global context, and instils in them the spirit of leadership that will put them ahead in their projects.”

To assess each of these criteria, the league table offers a new customizable version, more closely meeting the expectations of secondary school students and their families. In 2015, EPITA came out top of all engineering schools, according to the 6 following forward-looking criteria:

• The length of internships in companies
• Salary upon graduation
• Company forum (more than 250 employees)
• Minimum time spent abroad
• Required level of English
• Percentage of graduates who set up companies


The length of internships in companies

The length of company internships is a good indicator of student professionalization during the course and preparing them for work. In addition, it is one of the most sought-after aspects today and the most promising for students. An EPITA student, on top of the teamwork conducted during the course as part of educational projects or professional assignments in the school’s laboratory, must complete several internships during his/her time at the school, over a total duration of 13 or 14 months:

• Internship at the end of the preparatory classes, lasting 2 or 3 months
• Core curriculum internship at the end of the bachelor programme, lasting 5 months
• Final year professional internship, lasting 6 months


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Salary upon graduation

Salary upon graduation is a good indicator of graduates’ value as estimated by companies. At EPITA, the average starting salary, which is on the rise each year and among the highest of all engineering schools, is currently around €38,000 and ranging from €30k to €45k for France and amounts exceeding $100k for the USA. Most graduates already have employment commitments before the end of their studies: the average waiting time before securing a job is therefore almost inexistent.
Company forum (more than 250 employees).
The quality of the company forum organised by the school, as well as the size and number of companies present, is a good indicator of the school’s close relations with companies. At EPITA, the FEMII, the traditional recruiting fair on the campus, brings together around fifty companies each year, who provide several hundred internships and first job offers. The students are spoilt for choice.

Percentage of graduates who set up companies

The proportion of graduates who set up their own companies is a good indicator of the school’s drive and spirit of initiative and proactiveness that is passes on to its students. At EPITA, this percentage is particularly high with more than 5% of graduates setting up companies. In addition, each student receives a preparation for business creation during a business week involving a serious game. For those who wish to reinforce this preparation through their professional project, the school offers a Minor in Entrepreneurship and has an on-campus business accelerator that each year hosts students conducting an entrepreneurial project.

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