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The ICT & Geopolitics Conference organised by EPITA on Wednesday 11th March 2015 to focus on the cybersecurity business and the invasion of connected devices

EPITA is holding its 7th ICT & Geopolitics conference on Wednesday 11th March 2015. Two round tables will take place during this event bringing together many IT experts. The first will focus on the current cybersecurity business and the second will look at the risks related to the expected proliferation of connected devices.

Is France an Eldorado for cybersecurity?
Faced with a wide range of frauds and economic espionage, authorities and companies have long since realised their need to provide the best possible protection for the information systems that are targeted. If solutions are designed and proposed by genuine professionals, how can trust be fostered between the various organisations subject to attacks and these new kinds of “protectors”? How do you select a service provider? Does France still have the resources to develop a cybersecurity business able to meet demand in the country and worldwide? These questions will be raised during the round table on “Cybersecurity: a “business” like any other?” which will include discussions with Sébastien Bombal, director of operations at Orange Cyberdéfense and head of the Systems, Networks and Security (SNS) Major at EPITA, Jean-Noël de Galzain, chairman of Hexatrust and Wallix, Patrick Guyonneau, deputy ministerial delegate for the security industries reporting to the French Ministry of the Interior and Guillaume Poupard, Director General of ANSSI, the French National Information System Security Agency.


Are connected devices false friends?
From I Robot and WarGames to 2001: A Space Odyssey, many fictional works claim that technology could become dangerous to mankind. As around 80 billion are expected to be in operation on Earth by 2020, connected devices represent a considerable risk for some: used on a daily basis (in our personal and working lives) and interconnected, they will not reduce the human race to slavery but will instead increase the digital risk and eradicate what little private life we have left. To define the challenges of this planned digitization and the means of preventing a security nightmare, EPITA has invited Guillaume Baelde, head of services to users at the French National Centre for RFID (CNRFID), Anne-Sophie Bordry, chairwoman of the think tank Objets Connectés & Intelligents (connected and smart devices) France, Stéphane Gregoire, head of the economic affairs department of the French Data Protection Commission (CNIL) and Philippe Laurier, economic intelligence expert at Ecole Polytechnique. They will all take part in the second round table of the day: “Connected devices: our new best enemy?”

Conference TIC & Géopolitique « Cybersecurity : a “business” as the others ? »
On March, Wednesday the 11th 2015 from 2pm to 5pm
14-16 rue Voltaire
94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre
More information about the program here
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About the ICT and Geopolitics Conference
Launched in 2009, EPITA’s annual ICT & Geopolitics Conferences focus on major themes related to IT developments. From e-democracy and the Wikileaks scandal to Internet governance and the mechanisms behind digital crime, these events enable students and professionals to keep up with the latest developments by listening to experts invited by the school.

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