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EPITA’s Research Laboratory welcomes three students from the Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur

In early May, EPITA’s Research & Development Laboratory (LRDE) welcomed for the first time three students from the Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur (IITJ) for internships: Rupali and Divya Sharma, two students on the M-Tech Masters course, and Divya Grover, a B-Tech (Bachelor’s course) student. All three students are working within the LRDE’s image team. Their arrival marks the partnership between EPITA and the IITJ. Daniela Becker, LRDE’s administrative manager, speaks to us about this academic exchange.

What are these students working on within the LRDE?
As all three students are very interested in image processing, we suggested that they look at some of the issues that are the focus of the Olena team’s current research– for example, we are working on removing subtitles from old movies and reconstructing the images behind them. Their internships are going very well: the students have interesting ideas and their work is progressing in a positive manner. We hope to obtain real results before the end of their time here.

Where are the students staying during their internship?
EPITA has found them accommodation in a student halls of residence 100 metres from the LRDE and from Paris, which makes it easier for them to work and visit the city.

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Are there already plans to further the partnership with IITJ?
Ultimately, we hope to organise Masters degrees and PhDs as part of a double qualification with IITJ. This means that students from both countries will spend time in France and India and will receive a qualification from each country. Welcoming the first generation of interns at the LRDE should be the start of a long series of exchanges. The aim is to enable our first Indian guests in France to stay on after their internships: they would complete the Engineering Masters in France and would obtain their Indian Masters at the same time. Alternatively, they could return to France after obtaining their Masters as PhD students at EPITA should they so wish. In addition to being the first real point of contact, this internship enables us to get to know each other and to observe the aptitude of Indian IIT students before committing to a long-term study period. Furthermore, an EPITA student, Valentin Iovene (EPITA class of 2017), recently completed an exchange trip at IITJ, which is what encouraged Rupali and Divya Sharma and Divya Grover to come to us.

Will other initiatives be rolled out between IITJ and EPITA?
These exchanges also concern our professors: there are plans to continue to send lecturers to teach at IITJ and, in terms of research, to organise regular trips for French researchers to IITJ and vice versa.

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